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MP3: Cillie Barnes Makes Her Debut With “Brainwash” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photo by Harper Smith on March 7, 2013


MP3: Cillie Barnes Makes Her Debut With “Brainwash” (FILTER Premiere)


There are some artists who can encompass elements from the world around them and transform them into a balance of influences that create something entirely unique. Los-Angeles singer, Cillie Barnes, has blended aspects of rock, hip-hop and folk to create an infectious collection of songs that express her spunky charm. We're excited to introduce you to this songstress with her debut single premiere, "Brainwash."


We were first introduced to Cillie Barnes (then known as Vanessa Long) when she played with Family Of The Year last June. Now she is starting to make a name for herself and put together a wonderful collection of songs under her new moniker.


We can't wait to hear more from her as she puts together her debut album, but for now you can listen to "Brainwash" in this FILTER premiere!


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