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MGMT, Flash Delirium

By Tristen Gacoscos on March 10, 2010


MGMT, Flash Delirium

The plus side to naming an album, Congratulations, is that it automatically conjures a sense of accomplishment for potential listeners within its music.  The down side is that there are overwhelming expectations for its content.  New York pysch-rock duo, MGMT, have obviously weighed both options and are looking towards future compliments with their new single, "Flash Delirium".

Impeccably titled, the song rotates in a variety of musical directions.  It's got moments of lo-fi surf rock, a section of flutes and horns directly ripped from 1964, punk rock matter-of-fact sass and dual vocals that swim between melodic offerings and borderline screams.  Here, there and almost everywhere, welcome to "Flash Delirium".

MGMT's new record, Congratulations, is slated for an April 13th release courtesy of Columbia.  Grab the free MP3 HERE.

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