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LISTEN: Yuck’s “Cousin Corona”

By Staff on September 6, 2011


LISTEN: Yuck’s “Cousin Corona”

Just as it's moniker suggests, and just as their video for the song, "Shook Down" shows, you're likely to be somewhat disturbed and/or disgusted by "Cousin Corona"--Yuck's newest song. The disturbing and/or disgusting effect is due to the thought of being seduced by a cousin, not due to the upbeat, happy-go-lucky feel you get from the fuzz-rock being played. The UK band started streaming online the song today. "Cousin Corona" will be included in the deluxe edition of their self-titld debut LP, out October 11 on Fat Possum.

You can enjoy "Cousin Corona" below.


Cousin Corona
by Yuck

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