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LISTEN: Yuck Experiences “Rebirth”; Announces New Album

By Staff on July 18, 2013


LISTEN: Yuck Experiences “Rebirth”; Announces New Album


Yuck is experiencing a “Rebirth” and we can't help but notice that it's eerily reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Wispy vocals? Droning guitars? Wall of sound? Kevin Shields is that you?


Despite what the band’s moniker suggests, there’s nothing disgusting or grotesque about this song; in fact, it’s beautiful and enigmatic, revealing more of the band's raw talent and potential with every measure. The song is grounded in Max Bloom’s vocals, but lifted high by the band's lofty shoegaze ambitions. We gotta say, we're liking this new look on you Yuck.

Keep your eyes peeled for their new LP, due to drop in North America via Pharmacy Recording Co/Fat Possum in autumn and check out the track below.


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