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LISTEN: White Fence Releases Exclusive B-Side “Fragility”

By Staff: Photo by Ruth Swanson on March 22, 2013


LISTEN: White Fence Releases Exclusive B-Side “Fragility”


After last month's album announcement, Tim Presley of White Fence has released "Fragility," one of the exclusive B-sides to "Pink Gorilla" off his upcoming album Cyclops Reap out April 9th via Castleface


"Fragility" is a much calmer tune compared to "Pink Gorilla," however Presley molds the song perfectly with his psychedelic aura that we know and love. In a sense, "Fragility" stays true to its title with its much softer and organic sound.

Make sure to check out the track below! Also, check out the track listing for Cyclops Reap below, and click here to check out White Fence's upcoming tour dates!

Cyclops Reap track listing:

1. Chairs In The Dark
2. Beat
3. Pink Gorilla
4. Trouble Is Trouble Never Seen
5. Live On Genevieve
6. To The Boy I Jumped In The Hemlock Alley
7. New Edinburgh
8. Make Them Dinner At Our Shoes
9. White Cat
10. Only Man Alive
11. Run By The Same 

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