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LISTEN: Vietnam Returns With New Album, New Single, Same Talent

By Staff; Thumbnail by David Black on December 6, 2012


LISTEN: Vietnam Returns With New Album, New Single, Same Talent

After a five-year hiatus from his unique style of self-described "apocalyptic street blues", Michael Gerner--better known as the driving force behind Vietnam--is back in New York City and ready to rock again. We're guessing that while Gerner was working on "ambient analog synth soundscapes" out west he had some time to whip up a stimulating new single and the promise of a new album for 2013.

Vietnam will release their sophomore LP, an A.merican D.ream, on February 26th via Mexican Summer. If you need a little Vietnam to get you through the cold winter and family holiday parties, check out the first single from aAD which is being described as "a cinematic dark concrete ride that revs through demons and detours with greasy grace." 

"Kitchen Kongas," dripping with heavy bass and blues influences all on top of a complex rhythm and percussion section, is reminiscent of Some Girls era Rolling Stones, but the accent of a string section makes it uniquely Vietnam.

Below the song you can find the entire tracklisting for an A.merican D.ream, but if you're in New York you can catch Vietnam live on February 28th, 2012 at Mercury Lounge.

an A.merican D.ream tracklisting

1. A.D. pt. I
2. Stucco Roofs
3. Kitchen Kongas
4. Fight Water w/ Fire
5. Yaz
6. 1.20.09
7. Flyin'
8. No Use in Cryin'
9. Blasphemy Blues
10. W.orld W.orries
11. I Promise... Things Are Gonna Get Better

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