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LISTEN: Tycho’s “Dive” Gets a Remix by Keep Shelly In Athens

By Staff; thumbnail by Tim Navis on February 24, 2012


LISTEN: Tycho’s “Dive” Gets a Remix by Keep Shelly In Athens

After last fall’s Dive, a whimsical soundscape of electronic sound, Scott Hansen—better known as the “sound designer” Tycho—has announced the spring release of the title track’s single. The single, which is set to be available April 3rd, includes the original version and two remixes of the track by Memoryhouse and Keep Shelly in Athens.

The remix by Greek underground duo Keep Shelly in Athens removes the reliable sound of a dance beat by rapidly increasing the tempo in favor of slowing down and distorting the synths for an airy feeling and experience. The once consistent female vocals now weave in and out of the track resulting in a much more haunting and distant “Dive” than the original. Instead of wanting to grab your friends and head to the dance floor, KSIA's "Dive" is a track more suitable for the privacy of headphones in your own room.

While the remixes will spur new thoughts and interpretations of the track, Tycho will be taking his equipment and the original mixes down to SXSW in March.

Tycho SXSW Tour Dates:

14 - Red 7 (Terrorbird Media/Force Field PR Party) | 1pm
14 - Red Eyed Fly (IODA Party) | 3pm
14 - Club Deville (Ghostly International Official Showcase) | 11:25pm
16 - Clive Bar (Filter Magazine Party) | 8:30pm

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