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LISTEN: Tijuana Panthers Announce New Album, Release First Single

By Staff on April 14, 2014


LISTEN: Tijuana Panthers Announce New Album, Release First Single


Long Beach surf rockers Tijuana Panthers are set to release their latest album Wayne Interest on June 3rd, and they’ve released a new track to give fans a taste of what to expect.


Wayne Interest is the third LP from the So-Cal rock trio. Produced by Richard Swift (The Shins, Foxygen) and recorded in Oregon, the new album is an upgrade from the lo-fi sound of 2012's Semi Sweet. The new track “Cherry Street” still has that retro fuzz sound that you can expect from Tijuana Panthers, but is less of a riff on Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys. Kicking off with a fat bass riff and rolling into the bratty vocals, it almost sounds like a pop-punk take on New Order. Rapid-fire drums underscore the echoing guitar—it’s still got that garage rock tinge, but the garage is now a much fancier stuidio. It’s a sound that drifts away from that 50’s surf-rock vibe and more into post-punk recklessness. 


Check out a (really) short teaser for the new album here to tide you over until June, and listen to "Cherry Street" below.



Wayne Interest

1. Four Horsemen
2. Torpedo
3. Cherry Street
4. Dark Matter
5. Sooner Or Later
6. Fired
8. Time
9. 7th Seal
10. Everybody's Happy Nowdays
11. Reaction
12. Wayne Interest
13. Money Jar
14. Car Crash

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