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LISTEN: The Wild Wild Take Us Back To “When We Were Young” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on April 30, 2014



As the heat of summer begins to creep in, we're looking for some new music to add to our seasonal playlist. The Santa Cruz based synth-pop group The Wild Wild provides us a nostalgia-tinged anthem "When We Were Young" that serves as a perfect reminder of carefree school vacations.


As The Wild Wild explains:  "‘When We Were Young’ is [a track] obviously all about nostalgia, remembering being a kid and not having to care about anything except your new He-Man action figures. This world gets so heavy sometimes— it would do us all some good to put on our parachute pants, grab the big wheel, and get the fuck out for a while."


So go do as the band says and take a breather with the song above! Then be sure to keep your eyes open for their self-titled debut EP, out May 13 via Bastian! Records.

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