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LISTEN: The Feed Rock Out On “Rexy” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photo by Nate Burrell on April 29, 2014


LISTEN: The Feed Rock Out On “Rexy” (FILTER Premiere)

Self-described “soul-punkers” The Feed have picked an accurate genre to define their style; with wailing bluesy guitars and feverish vocals, this St. Louis quartet are channeling a whole mess of musical influences in their new track “Rexy” from their sophomore album Outsider.


Lead singer Dave Grelle has an impressive range, switching from low and sultry to gritty shouts. You can hear everything from The Black Keys to T. Rex in their mélange of influences. Seventies guitar riffs mixed with lo-fi fuzz and punk flair make for a modern band sound with plenty of vintage touches. 


The whole album is a musical sampler, taking cues from genres you wouldn’t expect to cohesively blend together, but The Feed make it work. Check out the track now!


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