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LISTEN: Tashaki Miyaki Are Just As “Unsatisfied” As The Replacements

By Staff; Photo by Marc Gabor on January 8, 2013


LISTEN: Tashaki Miyaki Are Just As “Unsatisfied” As The Replacements


Look me in the eye, then tell me that I'm satisfied. Hey, are you satisfied? 

Sometimes the best way to ask a rhetorical question is to sing it--with some heart-wrenching and rough vocals à la The Replacements in "Unsatisfied." Los Angeles dream pop/ambient outfit, Tashaki Miyaki, puts a pretty spin on this classic alt-rock anthem—now carried by female vocals and slide guitar—but don't worry: it's still as sour as it was originally in 1984.


In fact, we can all relate, perhaps a bit too much, causing this version to feel a lot like pity pop, in the greatest way possible. 

After you're done listening to "Unsatisfied," go further back in time to The Flamingos-era, with Tashaki Miyaki's stunning, lingering cover of "I Only Have Eyes for You." If you like to maintain a tough-guy image, we advise that you listen to this's a total tearjerker. 


Listen to both covers now, courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard


Psst! The band is currently wrapping up their debut full-length, so keep an ear out for the album in 2013!

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