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LISTEN: Rogue Wave Proves Change Isn’t So Bad In New Single, Announces Upcoming Album

By Staff on March 27, 2013


Zach Rogue and Pat Spurgeon of Rogue Wave have seen their fair share of change, mostly stemming from a constant shifting band lineup from album to album. With such sporadic disorder, it only seems inevitable that this disorder would be projected into sound, but with the release of their newest single "College," Rogue Wave takes on the daunting task of proving the theory wrong. Back and bolder than ever, the group comes to form in the first track from their newly announced upcoming album Nightingale Floors, out June 5 via Vagrant Records.

With the clicks and and taps of a drum stick on a 16th note spree, the song already begins in a state of excitement. Jittery and carefree melodies accumulate on one another until they break down in unison to form the main verse. The song is rich with its transition from fast-spaced glee to the soothing slow serenades of a summer day coming and going—and man, is it good.





Nightingale Floors track listing:


1. No Magnatone

2. College

3. Figured It Out

4. Siren's Song

5. The Closer I Get

6. S(a)tan

7. Used To It

8. Without Pain

9. When Sunday Morning Comes

10. Everyone Wants to Be You


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