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LISTEN:  New Music From Active Child (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on August 2, 2011


LISTEN:  New Music From Active Child (FILTER Exclusive)

FILTER favorite, Active Child has come to us to reveal the title track from his latest album, You Are All I See set to be release August 23rd via VagrantPat Grossi has come a long way from his choir boy background.  Melding his exquisite vocals with sweeping harp laden melodies, Grossi's lap top assisted indie pop creations are nothing short of atmospheric.  Listen to the latest, You Are All I See and let us know your thoughts.

In adddition, Active Child will be featured in our next issue of FILTER Magazine.  What? You don't want to wait until the magazine hits shelves?  No problem.  Here's an insider's look of what's to come with three albums that inspired Pat Grossi.


I can remember buying this, going home and listening to it all the way through. I had never heard instrumentation like it, never heard a voice quite like Sufjan’s—easily the most inspirational album as of yet for me.

He Poos Clouds
I was immediately blown away by its depth, complexity and genius arrangements. Like Illinois, it really tells you a story and takes you into these other worlds.

Ocean Rain
I was always really inspired by the mysterious power of this record. It has a way of taking you into this dark and somber space without feeling depressing. Truly a timeless album.

You Are All I See releases August 23rd and the critically acclaimed Curtis Lane EP is available now.  The newly released album trailer can be viewed below.

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