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LISTEN: Melted Toys Announce Debut Album, Share “Blush”

By Staff; photo by Blob Oliver on April 29, 2014


LISTEN: Melted Toys Announce Debut Album, Share “Blush”

After a three-year hiatus, due in part to a forgotten laptop holding the beginnings of a record on a BART train, San Francisco-quartet Melted Toys have returned and are giving fans a taste of their self-titled debut album. Their single "Blush" accompanied the official announcement of their long-awaited follow-up to 2011's Washed and Dried EP.

Mixed by Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear), Melted Toys hones in on that psychedelic-infused melancholic pop sound that distinguished the band with their initial release. Inspired by frontman Steven Harkins' explorations throughout Asia, the album is tied together by dreams of travel, in both its lyricism and casual yet purposeful instrumentation. 


"Blush" itself feels altogether light and airy and envokes visions of being somewhere other than where you are. The track emphasizes Ole Haarstad's steady stream of percussion and catchy riffs courtesy of Daniel Rosado on guitar. Giving off an electronic flavor without being overridden with synth, "Blush" is a solid first-track from a band determined to hold its own in a genre typically dead-set on overproduction. If the single is any indication of what Melted Toys has in store, this album may very well be your official soundtrack to summer 2014. 


Melted Toys hits the streets July 15, but feel free to play "Blush" on repeat in the meantime. 



Melted Toys track list


1. Intro

2. Bummed Out

3. Horizons

4. Press A (Habitat)

5. A Postcard

6. Blush

7. Always

8. Water Arches

9. Joy Fit

10. Observations

11. Come On

12. Citrus Honeymoon

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