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LISTEN: Juana Molina Shares Thrilling New Track: “Sin Guia No”

By Staff; Photo by Marcelo Setton on October 3, 2013


LISTEN: Juana Molina Shares Thrilling New Track: “Sin Guia No”


At only 5-years-old, Argentinian singer-songwriter Juana Molina first got into music when she learned guitar. On “Sin Guia No,” the new single off her upcoming sixth studio album, WED 21, you’d swear she started even sooner than that.


The song starts simple enough, with a looping finger-picked guitar melody backed by odd, anxious electronic coos; Molina’s hushed, soothing Spanish vocals soon supplement. While the first third of “Sin Guia No” could have made a respectable tune in itself, the track grows into something so much more past the two minute mark.


Once its over, you realize "Sin Guia No" might be closer in structure to a thrilling three-act play than a simple song, but the lasting effect is still the same. Whether you’re highly fluent, sort of remember freshman year Spanish I, or have no clue what a conjugation table is, check out Molina’s impressive new track below!

WED 21 is composed, performed, recorded and produced by Juana Molina and is out October 29 via Crammed Discs.



WED 21 tracklist:
1. Eras
2. WED 21
3. Ferocisimo
4. Lo decidi yo
5. Sin guia no
6. Ay no se ofendan
7. Bicho auto
8. El oso de la guarda
9. Las edades
10. La rata
11. Final feliz

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