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LISTEN: Johnny Marr Creates “Raw Sounds”

By Staff on October 19, 2011


LISTEN: Johnny Marr Creates “Raw Sounds”

Johnny Marr (ex-Smiths guitarist) recently recruited a number of artists to help him out with the Ray-Ban project, "Raw Sounds."

The project asked of Marr to present the artists with five different pieces/ objects/ ideas that would essentially inspire them to write a song. He asked Best Coast, Tom Vek, Au Revoir Simone, and Mona to collaborate with him in the project.

Marr presented the artists with a poem, a photograph, a quotation, a recorded piece of music and an old map of New York City's Lower East Side. He says that he wanted each piece to bring Europe, England and America together.

For a more elaborate description of each piece and to listen to the tracks created by aforementioned artists, head on over to Spin.

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