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LISTEN: Glass Animals’ “Pools” Video Is A Claymation Trip

By Staff on May 20, 2014



The new video for Glass Animals “Pools” is a Play-Doh fantasy of wild animals and surreal colors, the perfect accompaniment to their rhythmic, tropical single.


There’s something wild about “Pools,” with its thumping, drum circle beats and plinking steel drum like a rainfall in the jungle. The stop-motion video, directed by Rafael Bonilla, is like what we all wished arts and crafts time was really like in kindergarten. He imagines oceans and forests of ever-shifting colors and shapes, where plants come to life and a regular guy is in constant danger of getting his face bitten off.

The video has the innocence of childlike imagination run amok, mixed with the reality of something sinister lurking beneath every bright and colorful corner. Whatever the deeper meaning is, this song is addictive. We can’t wait to hear what else Glass Animals has to offer on Zaba (out June 10th via Harvest Records).

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