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LISTEN: Enter The Bouncy World Of Alexander Von Mehren With “Winter Comes” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photo by Embla Karidotter on June 21, 2013


LISTEN: Enter The Bouncy World Of Alexander Von Mehren With “Winter Comes” (FILTER Premiere)


To get your Friday started off right, we're proud to premiere a new light and airy track coming all the way from Norway!


29 year old pianist-songwriter-producer-extrordinaire Alexander von Mehren is about to release his bi-lingual (French and English) alt-pop debut album Aéropop (available August 20th via The Control Group) and successfully brings listeners into his world of '60s and '70s influenced dream pop with his new single "Winter Comes."


Heavily reminiscent of GMG 41 cover stars of Montreal's  "Penelope" (from 2001's Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse), "Winter Comes" features a bouncy beat decorated beautifully by a string and woodwind section that carefully helps you float through the three minute track. Beyond von Mehren's interest in the analog and vintage soundtracks, you can definitely hear some Kevin Barnes influence--especially in the song's disco-synth breakdown.


Get caught up with von Mehren in "Winter Comes" now and make sure to check out Aéropop's track listing below!



Aéropop track listing

1. La Chanson de Douche
2. Teria
3. Le Détective Ingénieux
4. Aller-Retour
5. Natural Selection
6. Switched On
7. Winter Comes
8. Insouciance
9. Champs-Élysées
10. La Variation de Douche
11. Neuschwanstein
12. Bahnhof
13. Chalet d'Alpage
14. Aérosuite, Partie A: Ouverture
15. Aérosuite, Partie B: Pop Baroque
16. Aérosuite, Partie C: Interférences
17. Aérosuite, Partie D: Altitude
18. Aérosuite, Partie E: Proximité
19. Aérosuite, Partie F: Vélodrome
20. Aérosuite, Partie G: Survol de l'Amérique

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