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LISTEN: Edda Magnason Reveals New Track & Remixes (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on April 30, 2012


LISTEN: Edda Magnason Reveals New Track & Remixes (FILTER Premiere)

Swedish/Icelandic singer/songwriter Edda Magnason went into the studio with longtime friend Familjen and recorded a new track, "Jona." Below, you get to hear that track, plus multiple other takes on it.

Once the track was finished, Edda asked Vidderna to do a remix of the original track and then they asked Niva to do a remix of the Vidderna remix, without hearing the original. Lastly, Justus Köhncke remixed the Niva remix without having heard either the original or the Vidderna remix. It all became a musical “Chinese whisper” going from Famijens nearly Portisheadish sound to deep underground German techno from Justus Köhncke. This creates the EP Jona by Edda Magnason.

What is amazing about the EP is that every remix of the tune hold the same base yet it sounds like a completely different song, tailored by each musician to fit their own style. Check it all out via the soundcloud below.

You can also pick up her last album, Goods, right here via Adrian Recordings.

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