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LISTEN: Dent May Serenades Us Out Of The World With “2099”

By Staff on December 21, 2012


LISTEN: Dent May Serenades Us Out Of The World With “2099”

Last time we checked in with Dent May, one of our favorite Mississippi natives, he was winning the cool kids in Long Beach over with his funky grooves, but now he wants to help us all rock out til the end of the world (literally)!


Instead of giving us a tired rendition of "Jingle Bells" or his own attempt at a holiday tune, May has kindly given us another jam to add to our Apocalypse playlist!

May starts this synth and horn drenched track by smoothly addressing the impending doom of the world: "Do you feel it coming? / It's not that far away / You may tell me the world is ending". "2099" is light-hearted and fun, which is just what we need before hell fire rains down upon us for this Friday!


Check out the entire track below--which features the amazing phrase "If we all die a nuclear war, we're gonna go out on the dancing floor"--and if you happen to be in Oxford, Mississippi on New Years Eve go see May live at the Lamar Lounge with Dead Gaze and Frenchbraid!


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