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LISTEN: Cool Ghouls Show Us All A Little “Grace” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photos by Michael Bordelon on April 2, 2013


LISTEN: Cool Ghouls Show Us All A Little “Grace” (FILTER Premiere)


Ahead of the release of their debut album, San Franciscan boys, Cool Ghouls want to let you know that they’re here! They don’t want to be seen as another SF nostalgic trip down 60’s lane; their music is aimed at living unashamedly in the now. 


Their self-titled album which drops on April 23, 2013 via Empty Cellar is a concoction of an unlikely mix; drawing on psychedelic deliciousness, country style twang and even strands of feverish, pure pop to mash up a killer new sound. The four Ghouls democratically mix in their own sounds, managing to produce ambitious chord progressions and breath-taking vocal harmonies reminiscent of no one in particular.


Aside from their endearingly quirky name, borrowed from the great George Clinton, there’s nothing else reused by these San Fran anti-hip types.


The sound is fresh, the band is ripe and the LP’s just about ready to be plucked, so take a bite of their first single--"Grace"-- premiering right here and right now!


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