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LISTEN: Cloud Nothings Drop Single “I’m Not Part Of Me,” Announce Upcoming Album

By Staff, photo by Pooneh Ghana on January 27, 2014


LISTEN: Cloud Nothings Drop Single “I’m Not Part Of Me,” Announce Upcoming Album

Cleveland-based outfit Cloud Nothings has released the first single from their third studio album Here and Nowhere Else and it’s making us beg for those hot summer beach days. 

Gravitating towards a matured version of lo-fidelity, garage rock, “I’m Not Part Of Me” buzzes over nostalgic guitar riffs and tantalizing drum rhythm. Frontman Dylan Baldi’s lyricism howls in suggested anxiety in a subtler manner than Cloud Nothings records of the past. If this track is any indicator of the rest of the album, we’re in for a multi-leveled collection of songs that reveal something new with each listen. 


Here and Nowhere Else came together over an 18-month tour around the world. “I’m pretty sure every song was written in a different country,” Baldi said in a recent statement. “It’s the product of only having a couple of minutes here and there.”


Cloud Nothings spent a week recording the album with John Congleton (St. Vincent, Bill Callahan) at Water Music in New Jersey before fine-tuning the tracks at Baldi’s Dallas studio. 


Stream the head-nodding, toe-tapping “I’m Not Part Of Me” below.


Here and Nowhere Else is available April 1st via Carpark/Mom + Pop, but you can pre-order it here or here.



Here and Nowhere Else track list


1. Now Hear In

2. Quieter Today

3. Psychic Trauma

4. Just See Fear

5. Giving Into Seeing

6. No Thoughts

7. Pattern Walks

8. I'm Not Part Of Me 


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