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LISTEN: Classixx Work Magic By Smoothly Reworking Hanni El Khatib’s “Penny”

By Staff; photo by Tommy B. on March 21, 2013


LISTEN: Classixx Work Magic By Smoothly Reworking Hanni El Khatib’s “Penny”

Los Angeles DJ/production duo Classixx are no strangers to finding, and at most times creating, a house music vibe in pretty much whatever song they want to. From Mayer Hawthorne to Active Child, there seems to not be much limitation, and now with the release of their newest remix, they prove even labelmate Hanni El Khatib's bluesy garage rock begets no hindrance either with their remix of "Penny" from Khatib's upcoming album Head in the Dirt to be released April 30 via Innovative Leisure/Redeye.


Backed by a pulsating kick punching its way through the track underneath a spacey synth-laden atmosphere, the remix rises to a characteristically quiet minimalism that combines the facets of disco, acid house and electro-pop, all while omitting their respective drawbacks to result in a distinctive, smooth blend. It's the soundtrack for a night out, lights trailing past open windows with volumes at ridiculous levels. With springtime in full shine, it's easy to forget that the sun won't illuminate the whole day, but at least with this track, it sure doesn't mean the fun has to stop at the crack of dawn.

Listen below for the tune, and keep an ear out for both Hanni and Classixx's new records coming soon.


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