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LISTEN: Beck Makes The Wait For A New Album Feel Even Longer With “I Won’t Be Long”

By Staff on July 2, 2013



Once again, the always incredible Beck Hansen has decided to randomly release a new single titled "I Won't Be Long." While there may not be a new album in sight just yet, we're not complaining about these stand alone releases.


Last time, he brought us the intricately layered "Defriended" that definitely took us quite a few listens to completely decipher. "I Won't Be Long" is a much breezier tune driven by the guitar rhythm, classic beats and echoing vocals. It isn't until the bridge that Beck really experiments with those layers heard in the previous single and creates a beautiful sound that blends together in a balanced way. With the repetition of "I Won't Be Long," we're really hoping he's sending us some message about more music coming our way.


The limited edition 12" vinyl is now available for pre-order and will be released on July 8.


The vinyl will feature a special extended version of the song along with the original track. "I Won't Be Long" will also be available for digital purchase on July 8. Be sure to check out for pre-order details!


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