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LISTEN: Beck Releases Third Stand Alone Single: “Gimme”

By Staff on September 17, 2013



Any day that Beck Hansen decides to bring us new music is one to celebrate. Today Hansen released the of his third stand alone single this summer, "Gimme," and we're hooked.


As seen by his two previously released tracks this summer, Hansen seems to really experimenting with his always innovative sound. We love the always changing sonic landscape presented by Hansen especially over the summer with "Defriended and "I Won't Be Long."


"Gimme" starts soft, tapping percussions that evolve into layers of hazy sounds and glitchy vocals. The track progresses at a swaying slow pace, but the consistently halting beats makes the track anything but boring. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, listeners are left wanting more with the soft chant of "gimme" stuck on loop in their heads.


The single comes as a double 12" that will feature the track above along with an instrumental version, an extended-length remix and two halves of an extended 30-minute edit of the song. You can grab your copy on Beck's website.


With word that there may be two new albums in the works, we'll keep our eyes out for more music from one of our favorite FILTER cover stars. Stay tuned!


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