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LISTEN: Avi Buffalo Shares New Single, Plus Forthcoming Album Details

By Staff on June 4, 2014


LISTEN: Avi Buffalo Shares New Single, Plus Forthcoming Album Details

Four years ago, Avi Buffalo introduced themselves with a impressively mature offering—a quirky and well-rounded self-titled album splattered with an endearing naiveté. The time passed has not only seen the band grow from teenagers to 20-somethings, but it has graced Avi Buffalo with a refined yet similarly catchy construction of melodies. The quartet's single "So What" further proves that they're only getting better with age.

"So What," the first release off Avi Buffalo's sophomore album At Best Cuckold, soars with low fidelity guitar riffs through cycles of a singsongy chorus. Its well-crafted lyricsm elevates the song's downplayed charisma to an admirable and unique stature against this year's alt-pop rockers. "So What" is only a sample of the challenges of growing up that the Buffaloes confront throughout At Best Cuckold.


At Best Cuckold drops September 9, but if you're digging "So What," why not preorder the album now? Get it herehere or on




At Best Cuckold tracklist


1. So What 

2. Memories of You

3. Can't Be Too Responsible 

4. Two Cherished Understandings

5. Overwhelmed with Pride

6. Found Blind 

7. She Is Seventeen

8. Think It's Gonna Happen Again 

9. Oxygen Tank 

10. Won't Be Around No More 


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