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LISTEN: Alcoholic Faith Mission Previews ‘Ask Me This’ LP Stream (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on May 1, 2012


LISTEN: Alcoholic Faith Mission Previews ‘Ask Me This’ LP Stream (FILTER Exclusive)

Danish six piece and FILTER frequenters, Alcoholic Faith Mission, have a new album dropping today via Old Flame and we would like to give you a nice full taste of it before going out to grab it!

We also sent some questions along to Thorben Seierø Jensen of the band to get more info on their tour, name, recording process and more. 

Check out the album stream below and be sure to grab Ask Me This, out today!

Alcoholic Faith Mission - Ask Me This
by FILTER Magazine

How do you think being from Copenhagen has influenced the music you make?

Good question.. there's defenitely a certain melancholic twist to our sound, but that's probably more being from scandinavia in general than being specifically from cph.

What about Brooklyn drew you to it?
A lot of great act's seem to come out of brooklyn these days. and it just had the quality about it that we were seeking out in our music. having many creative people all around you is very inspiring and it really was a perfect fit.

You've just embarked on a pretty extensive US tour. What is your favorite part of touring?
Getting to travel while doing what you love, but more importantly gettng to meet the fans and attract new ones is always amazing. usually after a show we hang around the merch booth and shoot the breeze with anyone who'd like.

What are you looking forward to most on this particular tour?
I just spent a couple of moths on the west coast in silver lake with sune (bass player) and i know that him and i are super excited to go back to see all the great people we met out there.

Why decide to put confines on how you record, i.e. only recording by candlelight, or only using what was available in your apartment? Who decides these restrictions?
it was something that we thought could be a cool, but also it gives you a chance to think even more out of the box creatively that is, to find what it is your looking for soundwise.
today however and on the last couple of releases we've abandonned the dogma's and rules. it was time...

How are you feeling about the release of your album? What sort of restrictions did you place on this album while recording?
As mentioned above we didnt use restrictions for ASK ME THIS. what we did was work with amazing producer (and human) tom mcfall. him and us had a great repour and we wouldnt hesitate to work with him again should opportunity arise.

What kind of response do you typically receive from your name? Any backlash?
it's either:
what a cool name!
what a dumb name!
what a funny name!

are you all alcoholics??

are you very religious(?!) ??
the name just indicates, for us that is, that alcohol is as important to alcoholcs as religion to religious...
we think both are evil taking to extremes...

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