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LISTEN: Ace Reporter Releases New Track: “Trouble” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photo by Chris Semel on April 15, 2014


LISTEN: Ace Reporter Releases New Track: “Trouble” (FILTER Premiere)


This new track that we are premiering today by Ace Reporter delves into “The Trouble” that is inherent in long-distance relationships. The result is a beautiful, yet heartbreaking exploration of love divided by space and time. 


Lead singer and guitarist Chris Snyder tells a tale that’s all too familiar for anyone who has ever tried making long-distance relationships work. Those feelings of detachment and confusion come out in Snyder’s distant and plaintive voice; you can hear the resignation and disappointment slowly rise to the surface, cracking the composed façade of a man secretly fed up with his relationship. The vocals are delicate and uplifting, but the lyrics feel like a subtle punch to the gut.

Chris Snyder, founding member of Ace Reporter, has a pretty impressive résumé; this classically trained violinist with a Harvard degree decided one day that to banish his musical boredom, he would record and release one new song every day for 365 days. The result of his threesixfive project is Yearling XL, the upcoming Ace Reporter LP. The new album will sample some of Snyder’s yearlong musical adventure, and is out on April 22nd via Ooh La La Records


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