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Kyle Andrews, Lov3r (FILTER Exclusive)

By Tim Dove on August 31, 2010


Kyle Andrews, Lov3r (FILTER Exclusive)

Nashville based acoustic-pop songwriter Kyle Andrews is dropping his new EP Kangaroo today and to mark the occasion, we have an exclusive download of the "Lov3r" MP3 just for you!

Riding high on the success of his tune "You Always Make Me Smile," Andrews has released an addictively catchy EP bursting with synths, drum machines and Kyle's forgiving vocals, Kangaroo will hook you on your first listen.

Check out his video for "You Always Make Me Smile" below which broke the world record for World's Largest Water Balloon Fight (pending Guinness approval).

You can pick up the Kangaroo EP HERE!

Enjoy "Lov3r!"

Track List:

You Always Make Me Smile
Sushi (Slow Dancing At The Prom Mix)
Don't Feel Left Out
You Always Make Me Smile (Remix!)

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