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Katie Costello, Cityscapes (FILTER Exclusive)

By Tim Dove on August 26, 2010


Katie Costello, Cityscapes (FILTER Exclusive)

If you haven't heard of a little lady named Katie Costello yet, then your ears are in for a little treat!

Katie Costello is one of those musicians that not only possesses a unique sound and has timeless song structure, but she also has a voice and lyrics to match that stick in your head for days. Now this young songstress is set to release a new EP titled The City In Me. The five-song record is stacked with twinkling melodies and poetic lines that seem to twist together seamlessly.

Want a little taste? FILTER has an exclusive FREE MP3 of her single "Cityscapes" just for you! Simply click below.

The new EP is a small glimpse of what is to come on her forthcoming new full-length titled Lamplight, which will drop sometime in early 2011.

The City In Me arrives September 28th via Tiny Tiny Records.

| Katie Costello - 'Cityscapes' MP3 |

If you are lucky enough to live in the LA or NYC area, make sure to make it to one of Katie's shows below!

You can also pick up Katie's previously released full-length Kaleidoscope Machine right HERE (I highly recommend this record).


29 New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall

08 Los Angeles, CA @ Room 5
15 Hermosa Beach, CA @ Live At The Lounge

Track List:

We Are The Way We Are
Lost & Far From Home
Ships In The Night
How Do We Know

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