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FILTER HOW TO: Tie A Bow-Tie With Mayer Hawthorne (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on July 9, 2013



Let's talk about musicians for a minute. We absolutely love them. Whether it's for a killer guitar riff, a gorgeous melody, or their insane antics on the internet (or in real life for that matter) we, as music lovers, can't get enough of them. Sometimes, these sonically inspired individuals that we look up to have a few more tricks up their sleeves than they care to let on in every other cookie cutter interview. That's where we come in!


We're proud to introduce a new instructive video series where your favorite artists teach you how to do something that is near and dear to their hearts. It's simply called "FILTER How To." Got a nice ring to it right?


To help us kick off "FILTER How To" in style, Mayer Hawthorne--the groove-loving, soul crooner from Ann Arbor, Michigan--is here to teach you (yes, YOU) how to properly tie a bow-tie.


Check out the video above to get the scoop about knots and make sure to pick up Hawthorne's new album, Where Does This Door Go, when it drops next Tuesday!

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