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Angus and Julia Stone, Black Crow (Exclusive Premiere)

By Megan Healy on February 23, 2010


Angus and Julia Stone, Black Crow (Exclusive Premiere)

Oh happy day! We have the first look at the video for "Black Crow" from the upcoming sophomore release from Australian brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, Down the Way, hitting stores on March 30th.

Directed and animated by Nick Murray Willis, the "Black Crow" video is a reworking of one of an art school projects that Angus and Julia took a liking to. Here's the story according to Willis:
"In the late 80s/early 90s I grew up in the forests of Winnie the Pooh, South of England. After studying at Norwich Art School and doing an animation degree at Solent University I've spent the last few years working on various animation projects.
The video for Black Crow is a remake of my degree film The Hatch, a bleak look at a prisoner trying to break out of his mundane world. Angus and Julia sent me the track for Black Crow and knowing they liked The Hatch I suggested editing a version to the song. Angus had a few ideas on the direction they wanted the video to go so I worked them in as well as I could and that's how the video came out."

We say, the moral of the story is: should you ever become imprisoned, get your hands on some of those blue pills!

Check it out below, and pick up the single "Black Crow" at iTunes HERE.

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