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FILTER Issue 41

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: DIY or Die
On stands September 03, 2010


FILTER Issue 41

The world has spoken: We flipped our shit, and you all flipped with us. In fact, everyone seems to like our new horizontal layout so much that we think we’re gonna keep it. Life’s so much better when you’re horizontal, ain’t it?

And who better to escort us into this new sideways habit of looking at the world than the masters of sideways comedy themselves, the cast of FX’s breakaway hit, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We assembled The Gang from Paddy’s Pub on an iconic indie rock rooftop [from The Replacements’ Let It Be cover] to let us in on the secrets of their unique brand of sitcom brilliance. These DIY misfits have built their inane, insular world with unparalleled volatility and loyalty, fearlessly creating a rule-breaking show with absolute freedom and ferocity that has steadily grown to earn its reputation as one of the funniest things on television. And as a testament to The Gang’s punk rock work ethic, we recruited a handful of musicians (from Kings of Leon to Of Montreal to Mike Patton) to weigh in on why they love Sunny as well. All this, plus in-character playlists created by the actors (Rick Astley! Patrick Swayze! “Nightman”!), sordid April Fools tales and Danny Devito squaring off against an ostrich? You better lie down.

Also in this issue, FILTER recruited punk rock legend Mike Watt to drop some dimes about the old days and spiel about his famous “econo” lifestyle with new torchbearers No Age; we lock down Kid Cudi in New York City to find out what sets him apart from the tribe of rap fakers and wannabe’s; we talk to visionary director Mark Romanek about his career in the music video world (including landmark clips for Michael Jackson, Fiona Apple, Nine Inch Nails, Beck, and Johnny Cash) and his new feature film, the haunting Never Let Me Go; and strap on our leather jackets and Chucks to reminisce with Bad Religion about the band’s 30 years in the punk pulpit (including Hallelujahs from Tom Waits, Circle JerksKeith Morris, and some dude from Harvard—yes, that Harvard).

In addition, we expand our international Sound Escapes coverage and take you on a tour of the sunny beaches and hummus bowls of Tel Aviv, Israel, to explore the Holy Land’s underground rock scene; we head north to Toronto’s NXNE festival to find out how our neighbors stay cool and get down; and collide cultures with a handful of international upstarts from around the world. Also, despite his warnings that “nothing is revealed” during a conversation with him, Deerhunter’s brilliant but conflicted frontman Bradford Cox lets us in on a few shining revelations about his band’s new opus. Plus, we talk shop with legendary punk scene photographer Edward Colver and get to know Cotton Jones, Wavves, El Guincho and Glasser, and re-visit with Les Savy Fav. And if that wasn’t enough, an EndNote essay of personal reflection about the facts of life from Bob Saget may shed light on what raising the Olsen twins must have really been like. Hot.


A Handful of Friends: The Punk TV of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA


There is a Light That Never Goes Out: The Love Stories of Director MARK ROMANEK

History Lesson (Part III): MIKE WATT Spiels with NO AGE

DEERHUNTER: Faces Come Out of the Rain

Living in an Age of Dissent: The Photography of EDWARD COLVER


KID CUDI: A Tribe Apart


Stranger Than Fiction: The True Story of BAD RELIGION’s Punk Crusade


Hardcore in the Holy Land: Scenes from TEL AVIV’s Underground

Cool It Down: TORONTO Takes It Easy








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