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FILTER Issue 46

Print the Myth: Under the Hat with Tom Waits
On stands November 25, 2011


FILTER Issue 46

FILTER Issue 46

Print the Myth:
Under the Hat with Tom Waits
On stands November 25, 2011

FILTER goes under the hat with Tom Waits in the new holiday issue arriving on newsstands November 25. The legend that is Waits talks to FILTER about everything from recording Bad As Me—his first new album in seven years—to the mysterious codes within his songs.   In the lengthy Q&A, Waits divulges how sounds have influenced his music, what he really thinks about some of today’s band names, and of course, his love of the stage. In his only U.S. magazine cover story, FILTER gives Waits room to do exactly what he does best—story tell.

Throughout the interview, Waits shifts effortlessly in and out of characters without warning, laughing as he takes FILTER on a musical and personal journey. The lights may go down, but Tom Waits is always on stage.

On the title of Tom Waits’ new album, Bad As Me

“Originally, we were gonna call it Satisfied but it sounded too soft. ‘Satisfied? What do you mean he’s satisfied? I don’t wanna hear that. Does that mean you’re all done?’ If you’re bad, you’re bad. I don’t think people want me to be satisfied.”
- Tom Waits as told to FILTER

Bad as Me is the supreme work of an artist wise enough to pinpoint exactly what he does best, pair it with the brilliance of those talented friends and family members he’s collected over the years, and scale it down into concise three-minute bursts of beauty and delirium…but the true star of the show, as always, remains Waits’ voice; among his incomparable talents, his mastery of that interior instrument remains his greatest.”         

The cover story also features photos by the legendary Danny Clinch shot in stark black and white.

Elsewhere in the issue:

The Black Keys Work: A Brief History of Making Do (page 71)

“It just happens that the last year has been a breakthrough year, which is almost the complete opposite of what normally happens to bands. Normally, you break through in the first couple of years and then it’s just a slow decline. Our history’s been a little different.”

Vapors and Mirrors: A Character Study of Lana Del Rey (page 80)

“I love to write and sing, but I’m usually struck by something –if I see something beautiful, I internalize it.  It usually makes more of an impact on me than something I feel.”

A Conversation With David Lynch and the Kills (page 86)

On the initial exposure to each other’s work:

David Lynch: “I came across the Kills first on the radio. Then I saw their performance, “Live at Abbey Road”; that’s when I became a major fan.”

Allison Mosshart: “Mine had to have been Mulholland Drive and then a total obsession with Twin Peaks.”

Jamie Hince: “I’d say mine was Twin Peaks. It feels like something that’s been in my life…something that’s always there and just works its way into your cultural blood.”

Misquoting Adam Scott (page 71)

“I’m just telling you because saying I was taken out of context is the strategy I’m going to use when this article comes out.”


Print the Myth: Under the Hat with TOM WAITS


THE BLACK KEYS Work: A Brief History of Making Do

Interior Empires: A Conversation with DAVID LYNCH and THE KILLS

Vapors and Mirrors: A Character Study of LANA DEL REY

Exploding the Ego: The Films of DAVID CRONENBERG

Misquoting ADAM SCOTT


CHAIRLIFT: Circadian Rhythm


Bone Poem: A Short Story by CASS MCCOMBS and ALBERT HERTER

Destroy Everything: The Art of The Mekons’ JON LANGFORD











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