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FILTER Issue 45

I Want To Tell You: A New Generation Remembers GEORGE HARRISON
On stands September 02, 2011


FILTER Issue 45

This fall, the world is rediscovering George Harrison. Observing the 10th anniversary of his death and the 40th anniversary of his historic Concert for Bangladesh, we're reminded that, indeed, all things must and do pass—but that doesn't mean they're forgotten. Through Martin Scorsese’s incomparable storytelling, we’ll see an intimate portrait of the self-proclaimed dark horse in George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Never-before-seen photographs taken by George, his son Dhani and his wife Olivia will fill the pages of the film’s companion book, offering glimpses of the mania and the minutia of the world as George saw it.

Of course, the world as our generation sees it has been forever shaped by Harrison, always. Trying to imagine rock music before him is like trying to imagine it before the guitar—it doesn’t compute. And 10 years after his passing, his legacy continues to grow, evolve and inspire. So, rather than pay tribute by looking backward—searching for familiar anecdotes from Claptons and Starrs and Lynnes—we’ve summoned the new generation to weigh in on what “The Quiet One” means to them. To us. With the blessings of and contributions by the Harrison family, we want to tell you why our generation considers George our favorite Beatle.

Interviews include: Olivia Harrison, Dhani Harrison, Jim James, RZA, Regina Spektor, Jon Brion, Dean Ween, Shepard Fairey, Ben Bridwell, Nas, John Doe, Guy Garvey, Dean Wareham, Doug Martsch, Ben Harper and more.
Also in Issue 45, we reminisce about adolescence with jokester-turned-dramatic actor Jonah Hill and the worldly Zach Condon of Beirut and speak with acclaimed filmmaker Gus Van Sant about his latest young-love-story, Restless. We delve deep into the trenches of the ever imaginative mind of Chad Van Gaalen to learn more about his artistic pursuits in drawing, animation, music videos and his latest album, Diaper Island. We also catch up with Nick Offerman of zany comedy TV show Parks and Recreation to discuss his alter ego, “Ron Swanson,” as life imitating art imitating life. And we give you a glimpse of graphic novelist Craig Thompson’s latest graphic novel epic, Habibi.

In addition, we wax poetic with singer-songwriter St. Vincent; pay tribute to British independent record label Creation Records; and get culturally and musically enlightened in Croatia and South Africa. In this issue, we get to know Active Child, Mayer Hawthorne, WU LYF and Twin Sister and explore more you should already know about Archers of Loaf. And don’t forget to feast your eyes on our EndNote from Nick Offerman, who lets us inside the doors of the very-real Offerman Woodshop for a tour of his other labor of love.


I Want To Tell You:
A New Generation Remembers GEORGE HARRISON


The Fire of Youth: The Films (And Music!) of GUS VAN SANT

To Age on Stage: Growing up with JONAH HILL and BEIRUT

Animating the Afterlife: CHAD VAN GAALEN Deconstructs the World


Music for the Eyes: The Illustrated Epics of CRAIG THOMPSON


Sister of Mercy: A Short, Curious Tale of ST. VINCENT


And on the Eighth Day…
The Wholly Unholy Story of CREATION (er, RECORDS)



SOUTH AFRICA From the Parlotones to Cape Point:
Rock in the Cradle of Humankind








“Offerman Woodshop” by NICK OFFERMAN

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