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FILTER Issue 43

The Rise and Terrible, Terrible Fall of THE LONELY ISLAND
On stands March 04, 2011


FILTER Issue 43

What began as post-grad goofing by three best friends has launched the careers of these seriously funny—and Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated—SNL dudes. Which is exactly why Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg let us follow them around New York for an afternoon of highs, lows, and—hey, did you just hear that?—maybe a royal haunting or two in the not-so-normal lives of The Lonely Island. Graduating from their early days of online sketches to writing and acting gigs with Saturday Night Live, the dudes have redefined musical comedy with their SNL Digital Shorts, featuring guests appearances by everyone from Justin Timberlake to T-Pain, and singing about all facets of life from cupcakes to creepin’. Here, we discuss how the group delegates, the balance between friendship and work, what it’s like on Saturday evenings at 30 Rockefeller Center, and just a little bit about what it is that makes them so damn funny.

Also inside Issue 43: Our Tribute to landmark ’90s Britpop outfit Suede, whose rapid rise to fame and decline was punctuated with relationship tensions and drug use, but unified by an undeniable talent and extraordinary catalog. We talk history and discography with Brett Anderson and Mat Osman, while former Suede conspirators Justine Frischmann (of Elastica), drummer Mike Joyce (The Smiths) and producer Ed Buller weigh in on their time with the band—who are set for a comeback in 2011 after a near-decade-long absence. Elsewhere, we humanize the missing link of Paul with director Greg Mottola (including a weigh-in from frequent collaborator Bill Hader), whose films (Superbad, Adventureland) touch poignantly and hilariously on the bonds of friendship and beyond. We discuss methods of cinematic portraiture with filmmaker/artist Julian Schnabel, whose latest film, Miral, strikes deep political, religious and human themes. Additionally, we trace family lineage with songwriter Liam Finn, whose apple fell not far from the Crowded House tree; delve into the illustrated world of Kramers Ergot cartoonist Sammy Harkham; and go on a soul-searching daytrip around the streets of N.Y.C. with Lykke Li.

We hand out our Getting to Knows to The Boxer Rebellion, Smith Westerns, GAYNGS and The Naked and Famous and offer up a You Should Already Know with Mogwai; trip overseas to Hawaii with Sailor Jerry and Switzerland for the Heartland Festival; and Miss Polly Jean Harvey gives us a picturesque EndNote worth 1,000 ships to cap it all off.


The Rise and Terrible, Terrible Fall of THE LONELY ISLAND Haunted By Elvis?


Humanizing the Missing Link: The Films of GREG MOTTOLA

Progeny Among the Poppies: LIAM FINN’s Progression

The Art of Cinematic Portraiture: A Conversation with JULIAN SCHNABEL

A Personal Universe: The Art of SAMMY HARKHAM


Transient Soul: The Ascension of LYKKE LI


SUEDE: Re-Introducing the Band


SWITZERLAND: At Home in the Heartland

Here’s to the Silver Sea: Tradition and Tattoos Collide During Sailor Jerry’s 100th Birthday Celebration in HAWAII













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