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FILTER Issue 28

The Importance of Being David Byrne
On stands December 31, 1969


FILTER Issue 28

On stands November 23 through February, 2008

Filter Issue 28

Throughout history there has certainly been no shortage of one-note geniuses, or even those whose perfection of a particular aesthetic left them with no reason to travel beyond its confines. But from da Vinci to Picasso to Bowie, there have also been artists who were constantly reinventing themselves in reaction to new experiences and revelations. In our contemporary culture, it’s hard to imagine anyone who has so skillfully confounded expectations as has the one and only David Byrne. Here Filter talks to the chief Talking Head about his remarkable legacy, his myriad passions and projects, his city, and his extraordinary life—and how, just by being David Byrne, he has made everything around him a little bit less like everything else.

Inside, we catch up with past Filter-cover artist PJ Harvey for a discussion on her new album, White Chalk, the frightening state of our modern world, and the thing that gives her the most hope for overcoming adversity—human kindness. We gather an impressive and eclectic group of artists, comedians, improvisers and storytellers to share their histories with a place called Largo—the singular L.A. club that has been home and nurturer to an endless list of talents like Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, Zach Galifianakis, Aimee Mann, and Grant Lee Buffalo. And we nail down the impossible to nail down rap maestros of the Wu-Tang Clan to wax nostalgic and prophetic on the past, present and future of the world’s foremost hip-hop ensemble.

Also, Filter sits down with the members of Minneapolis post-hardcore pioneers Husker Du to shed light on their shining, turbulent legacy; we dig deep into the past of a true musical titan, Roger Daltrey, as he lets us in on the secrets to the enduring mythology of The Who; fall in rock and roll love with Sons and Daughters; discuss chaotic freedom with San Diego’s Grand Ole Party; talk to fashion icon Todd Oldham about the reality-refining art of Charley Harper; and head to London with good ol’ boys The Features as they win the Diesel:U:Music Awards in style. In addition: Black Mountain, Soulsavers, The Helio Sequence, Kate Nash, Nada Surf, writer-director Noah Baumbach and Margot at the Wedding and screenwriter Diablo Cody and Juno, tons of CD and DVD reviews, and a gut-busting EndNote by Whose Line Is It Anyway’s Greg Proops. Join us, won’t you?

People Like Us: The Importance of Being David Byrne

Great Expectations: PJ Harvey’s Stories From Seclusion

Shaolincognito: Hiding Out with the Wu-Tang Clan

The Titans of Clash: The Enduring Mythology of The Who

Beasts in Chic Clothing: The Features Take the Diesel:U:Music Awards

Reality, Refined: Todd Oldham and the Art and Influence of Charley Harper

Sons and Daughters: Rock and Roll Love Affair

Grand Ole Party: First Comes Chaos

Exalting the Artistic Moment: The Meaning of a Place Called Largo

Standing Alone: The Imperfect Zen of Husker Du

Black Mountain


The Helio Sequence

Kate Nash

Nada Surf

Juno: A conversation with screenwriter Diablo Cody

Margot at the Wedding: A conversation with writer-director Noah Baumbach

DVD Debris

Notes of a Clown by Greg Proops

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