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Landmark Spring Download Sampler 2014 Download
Track Listing
1 Mackintosh Braun - Never Give In
2 Empires - How Good Does It Feel
3 NEULORE - Shadow of a Man
4 The Strypes - Blue Collar Jane
5 MisterWives - Reflections
6 Linus Young - City of Sun


As a special treat to Landmark Film Club members, FILTER Magazine has compiled six tracks from some great up and coming artists from Chop Shop, Photo Finish and Island Records. Because we know you like good music (and good movies) we hope these are to your liking!


Mackintosh Braun is an indie electronic duo from Portland, OR who blend crisp, sophisticated production with sharp, emotive songwriting. The Oregon-based group conjure a cool intimacy that sets them apart from their peers. This is the kind of music you can break a sweat to on the dance floor with a new crush then play the next day to console yourself if they don’t call.


Empires have emerged from the deep freeze of Chicago with a collection of tunes imbued with a thick-skinned Midwestern charm. "Orphan" - the band's upcoming album on Chop Shop/Island Records has producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, The Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky) at the helm, perfectly capturing a band in their truest form. 


NEULORE is a modern folk duo from Nashville, but don’t let the ‘folk’ tag fool you. Anchored by tribal drums and electric guitars, NEULORE’s songs are better suited for the arena than the campfire. The music swells and swoons, with tense verses that break into epic, open-armed choruses. It’s a sound that tells a story, much like classic folk music... but it does so with gang vocals, synthesizers and the anthemic sweep of rock & roll.


The Strypes are 4-piece rhythm and blues band hailing from Cavan, Ireland, formed in 2011. The group has spent the past 18 months launching their explosive R&B Rock assault on the clubs and festivals of Ireland, the UK, Europe and Asia, catapulting them to the top of the charts in both the UK and Japan. They now have their eyes set on the U.S. with their first single "What A Shame". The Strypes recently wowed the crowds at SXSW and their sold-out headlining tour, making fans out of Letterman, Conan, Rolling Stone, The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, and anyone else who happened to be in their path.


MisterWives came together to play their first ever show just a year ago. Immediately after that breakout performance they were offered a deal by Photo Finish and began to record Reflections in a home studio at their apartment in the Bronx. With the release of the EP, MisterWives thrived on the strength of Mandy Lee’s unique and powerful vocal and their ability to seamlessly blend genres. Teen Vogue notes that “They’re a flawless blend of folk and soul... but entirely their own, thanks to the hauntingly soulful voice of lead singer Mandy Lee.” They were recently hailed as an up and coming breakout artist while being featured on Last Call with Carson Daly.


LA based two-piece Linus Young, formed in 2013 are made up of Joseph Walker & Iris Belson. Originally from New Orleans via Jersey via Texas the band now reside in LA. Joe met Malay whilst playing guitar on the Frank Ocean tour about 4 years ago and after hearing the tracks he was working on Malay demanded he meet a friend of his; enter the brilliant Iris and thus the birth of Linus Young. They’ve purposely kept things mysterious, dropping the amazingly cinematic video for first single ‘City of Sin’ online with little fanfare in July, their reputation has been steadily building since and preparing the world for their debut album in 2014.



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Linus Young-