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FILTER HOW-TO: How To Wash A Dog with Jenny Slate

By Bailey Pennick, Photos by Eleanor Stills on June 30, 2014


FILTER HOW-TO: How To Wash A Dog with Jenny Slate


Jenny Slate is all over the place, in the best possible way. The actress/comedian/author/voice-of-an-adorable-seashell-with-shoes-on barely has a day off in between her recurring roles on hit television shows including Bob’s Burgers, Girls and Parks and Recreation (cue Jean-Ralphio calling her “the worst”); her debut as a feature-film lead in this summer’s Obvious Child; and a costarring credit opposite TV husband hall-of-famer Paul Reiser on a brand-new FX pilot entitled Married. During those oh-so-brief moments of relaxation, Slate opts to spend her time with her real-life husband, naturally, but more importantly, with her true best friends: the couple’s two adorable dogs, Arthur and Reggie. 

“I’ve had Reggie for about seven years now and he’s got diabetes,” says Slate, as she lifts a tiny ball of white bichon frisé fur into her arms. “I never thought I’d be the owner of a diabetic dog, but here I am. He’s pretty nice and incredibly patient; I could learn a lesson from him!”


Like most fuzzballs, Reggie’s calm demeanor is tested whenever his owner scoops him up for a bath. Thankfully for them both, Slate’s got a tried-and-true method to her dog-washing madness and knows the value of a squeaky-clean pup.


“It’s really important to clean your dog ’cause their butts get dirty, they eat trash and then they sleep in your bed if you’re nice and cool,” says Slate. “You should make sure that they’re relatively clean.”


We visited Slate in her Los Feliz home in Los Angeles to chat about the endless benefits of furry friends and to get an in-depth lesson on how to scrub a dog to just the right amount of relative clean.


Head over to our Tumblr to see Slate's instructions step-by-step.