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FILTER 50: Contributors

By Staff on December 31, 2012


FILTER 50: Contributors

To finish up FILTER's 10th year in print, we'd like to thank everyone who has made this dream publication a reality. Here's a closer look at all of the contributors that FILTER has had throughout the last decade, 50 issues and countless late-night hours.

Thank you all.






According to her college records, Breanna is half-banana-slug and half-bruin—a terrifying creature you’d never want to come across while lost in the woods at night. She is extremely good at Galaga, a talent she perfected while an intern with FILTER beginning in 2006. Since becoming an editor in 2010, she’s been willing to take on super hard-hitting, down-and-dirty kinds of investigative journalism, like cruises to the Bahamas and adventuring to Iceland. Her favorite pizza is pineapple-pepperoni-jalapeño because it is the best kind of pizza. She lives in Los Angeles with a cat called Nels.


After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from Chapman University, Melissa naturally decided to coach snowboarding for a while and gallivant around Europe before landing at FILTER in 2009. Since then, she has designed every mag since Issue 38 and especially loves the adrenaline she gets from the numerous late-night, delirious hours spent with Pat and Bre at the office during deadline and the smell of freshly printed magazines. She also enjoys re-living her trip to The Bahamas every time she looks at her desktop background image (yes, it’s still up) and would consider herself a typography nerd. Smart quotes, creating custom ampersands and the Helvetica font family are just a few of her everyday adventures. Every day she’s stoked that for work, she gets to play.


Pat grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, loving two things: music and UK basketball. If he remembers hard enough, somewhere amongst those dreams of cutting down nets in giant, domed buildings were probably some fantasies about someday working for a music magazine. After earning a theatre degree at a school called Transylvania University, he promptly moved to California. He started at FILTER in the fall of 2003 as a marketing intern and in 2007 was named Editor-in-Chief. In this near-decade he has shaken hands with heroes, traveled to six continents, witnessed miracles and made good friends. Pat would like to sincerely thank Alan Miller and Alan Sartirana for their trust, as well as past, present and future editors, mentors, colleagues, writers, readers, cronies, friends and family. But especially those last two. He has still not come to terms with the idea that he may never play college basketball.

Chris Martins is a Los Angeles-based professional music viber and dedicated truth lion who specializes in his city’s musical bleeding edge and bloody stumps further flung. He was recently named Senior Writer at SPIN and in third grade saw a story about a hamster get some sort of ribbon at a prestigious fair (county?). His work also has appeared in Los Angeles Times, Flaunt, Playboy, Wax Poetics and New York Magazine. He’s profiled iconoclasts ranging from Beck to Dustin Hoffman, Odd Future to Elvis Costello, and has edited for Filter, A.V. Club and LA Weekly. He drinks much craft beer.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: I think it was a Supergrass review, for Life on Other Planets, where I made an Iggy reference without having ever heard the Stooges. (I was a hip-hop kid.) Nailed it ... sorta.
-Favorite thing you have written for FILTER: “In Search of the (Digital) Underground,” in which I went on a brief road trip with some childhood heroes, and became a backup Humpty Dancer on a San Diego stage.
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that you didn't write: Anything Gregg wrote. His very first Cat Power profile comes to mind, the way he described the air. That man’s gift was too good for us, in my opinion.
-Favorite FILTER cover: The Flaming Lips, for selfish reasons — that story sent me on a “Groove Cruise” to Mexico with Wayne Coyne and Zaireeka — but also because the cover itself was strange and beautiful.


In 2007 I moved to L.A. and after three months of couchsurfing and spending all my savings, it came time to find work. So I gathered my portfolio, mustered my courage and barged into the offices of several L.A. magazines offering my services at an affordable price. Filter was the first place I went and after overcoming locked doors and an uncooperative water sprinkler, I finally gained entry and met with Pat McGuire. Luckily we saw eye to eye on almost all things musical and literary and I started working there about a week later and ended up staying for over three years. I guess it goes to show there’s no substitute for the element of surprise. Or trespassing.

-First thing I wrote for FILTER:
Exalting the Artistic Moment: The Meaning of a Place Called Largo, Issue 28
-Favorite thing you have written for FILTER: Inside Jokes from Outsiders: The Immigrant Songs of Flight of the Conchords, Issue 30
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that you didn't write: I love reading anything by Lauren Harris and I remember the Patti Smith tribute article being pretty great. As was the Andrew Bird feature.
-Favorite FILTER cover: Filter Issue 30 (Of course!)


Every time we made an issue of Filter we gave everything of ourselves. After each one, we thought we’d never be able to do it again. But we did. And now you are telling me there are 50 of these things out in the world? Bullshit. My comp subscription ran out a couple of years ago, so I presume you are kidding. I live in the woods outside San Francisco. I write. I teach writing. You can visit me. (No, not at my house, here: Happy “Fiftieth” Filter. Please renew my subscription. You made me better.

-First thing I wrote for FILTER: The cover story, Issue #1. It was about Weezer. I misspelled Tucson. I still don’t like Weezer.
-Favorite thing I wrote for FILTER: Cat Power, twice. When you speak with musicians, they talk about music—their own, mostly. It is often very dull. Chan Marshall speaks about being human—a human that also happens to sing and make songs. She is in awe of everything and it is contagious and it makes you want to write, write, write.
-Favorite think I didn’t write: The cover story by Chris Martins about TV on the Radio. I’ve always envied Chris for his genuine, un-cynical, unflagging love for music of all kinds. I witnessed him labor over that story in a garage—yes, a garage—right up until the moment the ink was warming up at the print house. He wanted it perfect. He is the Johnny Bench of journalism.
-Favorite FILTER cover: Interpol, photographed by Steven Dewall. Look at it. He built that cube of light atop a building in New York City himself. Look at it!



Joie de vivre.

-First thing I photographed for FILTER: Warpaint
-Favorite thing I photographed for FILTER: Explosions in the Sky
-Favorite article: Nick Offerman
-Fave thing someone else shot: David Byrne and St Vincent

I began shooting for Filter when Alan Sartirana and I were sitting on a curb (drunk) at 4am in Austin, Tx during SXSW 2002 and he said "I'm going to start a magazine, and you're gonna shoot the covers". Thankfully Alan (and Alan) kept his word and I've been fortunate enough to photograph Coldplay, Hot Hot Heat, Muse, Julian Casablancas, Broken Social Scene and other various Ragged and Mini covers for Filter. I love photographing music, I basically get to make up my job every day and have a blast doing it with people I love to be around!! How lucky is that?

-The first thing I ever shot for FILTER: I think was the band Haven from Manchester in the UK. Johnny Marr of The Smiths produced their record, Between the Senses. Alan insisted on me doing the shoot as I ran the Brit Pop club in Hollywood at the time called Cafe Bleu where Haven played and Johnny Marr used to come hang out when he was in town too.
-Favorite thing I ever shot for FILTER: the cover I did with Julian Casablancas! The Stokes mean so much to me, I shot one of their first shows in LA for Rolling Stone in 1999. Julian's solo record is so Electric, I wanted to do something special that captured the flavor of the Tron-esque art and sound. I researched Light Painting and with that, I made a wand out of lights I velcroed to a broom stick and gelled different colors. We did many 30 second to 1 minute exposures, as soon as an image was done we all huddled around the camera LCD excited to see it come up, Julian is a cool dude, but even he was geeking out on how fun it was.
-My favorite FILTER Cover: is with Lou Reed and The Strokes! That was one I thought "Fuuuuuck i wish I'd done that!!" haha! it was also photographed at Lit in the LES, where we were all hanging out at the time of the NYC indie explosion. The collision of old and new school underground rock legend and soon to be Icons was genius.


I have been working with FILTER for a few years now and have come to think of the Editor as a friend. There are so few true music magazines anymore, it is refreshing to work with one of the few left. I have had the privilege to shoot some amazing bands over my 27 year career as a photographer, but without a doubt MORRISSEY was and is at the top of my list of all time favorites. That is because I grew up with the SMITHS, they got me through my first HEART BREAK!!! Yes when I was 16-17 and she tore my heart out and stepped on it over and over his songs over and over soothed my broken soul. So to collaborate and then to have the honor of him using the images from our shoot on his single, shirts etc was just pure gravy. When I am not shooting music or commercial work, I try and find myself in the company of sharks as much as possible, primarily Great White's but I am just as happy with Bull and Tiger sharks too. Shooting animals in the wild, in their environment using studio lighting is my new passion which grows inside me daily. I hope to find one day soon that my lens is pointed in their direction 90% of the time and 10% on the Musicians etc. That is my new goal in life, after being the best Dad and Husband I can be. But music still calls, I just spent months documenting Rhianna for her new 7th album, and that brought me back to when I was shooting in the 80's and 90's since it was just me, NO assistants just documenting her life. One of these days I will get the RADIOHEAD FILTER cover, one of these days.

Since joining Filter as one of their regular photographers 5 years ago Brantley has since gone on to become a multi millionaire/playboy and shipping magnet. He attributes this success to Filter and its glorious team. True story.

-First assignment for FILTER: Elvis perkins
-Favorite thing I've photographed for FILTER: the cast of It's Always Sunny
-Favorite article: Pat McGuire's tale of the lonely island
-Favorite photograph: Michael Stipe by Anton Corbjin
-Favorite FILTER cover: David Byrne and St Vincent



Jeffrey Brown is a Chicago cartoonist and author of numerous graphic novels, most recently the NY Times #1 Bestseller Darth Vader and Son. He has also directed a video for Death Cab for Cutie and co-wrote the film Save the Date. He currently teaches comics at The School of the Art Institute, where he received his MFA in 2002 with his thesis graphic novel Clumsy.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: review of David Bazan "Curse Your Branches", F36
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: An Interview With David Bazan, August 2010 Filter Good Music Guide
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: "Televisionaries" by Nevin Martell, F41
-Favorite FILTER cover: Where The Wild Things Are, F37


Kyle Lemmon grew up on an ersatz farm in Loomis, CA. Upon graduating from Pacific Union College, the lanky fellow interned at FILTER in the summer of 2008. He's stuck by FILTER through the years, but has since gone on to write for Pitchfork, Kill Screen, Under the Radar, and Spin. Kyle lives with his wife Brooke and daughter Arden in San José, CA. He enjoys adventurous video games that tell ridiculous stories and hot apple cider. He also wishes he could travel back in time to interview Rod Serling.

-First thing I wrote for FILTER: A review of Patti Smith and Kevin Shields' The Coral Sea, Issue 31, 2008)
-Favorite thing I have written for FILTER: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cover story, "DIY or Die," Issue 31, 2009
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that I didn't write: "It's Always Sunny When You're of Montreal" by Patrick Strange, Issue 32, 2008
-Favorite FILTER cover: Beck, Issue 18, 2005


Ken Scrudato has been piffling on about music, travel, nightlife, art, penguin breeding and the illegal arms trade for longer than even his own mother considers tolerable. The founder of the theoretical political entity The Champagne Socialist Party, he has been a tireless foe of both yoga culture and the words “locavore” and “curated”; his obsession with Flemish Belgium is, to put it mildly, inexplicable. He has profiled for Filter such deities of the underworld as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Primal Scream, Depeche Mode, John Lydon, The xx, David Byrne, Bjork, Damon Albarn and possibly Muammar Gaddafi. His heart belongs, unfailingly, to Audrey Tautou.

-FIRST ASSIGNMENT FOR FILTER: Nancy Sinatra, 2004, who promised to come to New York and give him a hug, yet never did.
-FAVORITE THING WRITTEN FOR FILTER: My own bio…and an interview with Bill Maher and Larry Charles in 2008 for the Religulous film.
-FAVORITE FILTER STORY I DIDN’T WRITE: Breanna Murphy’s glorious Sigur Ros story.

Despite getting her start with Los Angeles blog, “Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster”
Laura Studarus is too addicted to “That’s what she said” jokes and Hall & Oats karaoke
to be considered cool. In addition to writing for Filter, Under the Radar, eMusic, and
Interview, she’s working on her debut novel. It is scheduled for completion shortly
after she fills up the pages of her passport, masters the art of walking a straight line, and
marries Jens Lekman. Anything else? Oh yeah—she really likes ketchup and cookies.
Great. Now we have nothing left to discuss on the second date.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: A review of Antony and the Johnsons Swanlights for
Issue 41, 2010
-Favorite thing you have written for FILTER: Passion Pit: Hold on Tight (Good Music
Guide cover story, Issue #40)
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that you didn't write: Breanna Murphy’s cover story
Sigur Rós (Issue #48)
-Favorite FILTER cover: Beck, Issue 14, 2005


Kevin Friedman is a writer based in Portland, Ore. He has a teenage son who is better than him at most things and a dog that he's allergic to. When not writing for FILTER he contributes to a few other sources and writes screenplays that have yet to become movies. He also makes music under the name Lee Baby Simms.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: a trio of short reviews on Lou Rawls, Ramblin' Jack Elliot and The Dears in June 2006.
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: David Lynch & The Kills feature. Or the Danny Elfman Tribute.
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: Pat's piece on Mel Brooks.
-Favorite FILTER cover: The Shepard Fairey print of George Harrison.


Mike Hilleary is a free-lance music and culture writer based on the east coast that has written for such nationally distributed publications as Paste, Interview, and Under the Radar, the last of which he serves as the Online News Editor and Pleased to Meet You Editor where he scours various blogs and his bloated inbox for the best new music. When he's not listening to music he's usually reading about it. He also watches a lot of Community and maintains an unhealthy obsession with all things Batman.

-First thing I wrote for FILTER: A review of Devotchka's 100 Lovers
-Favorite Thing I've Written for FILTER: Of Monsters and Men GTK issue 48 2012
-Favorite Thing Not Written by Me: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cover story Kyle Lemmon
-Favorite Cover: Beck issue 14 2005


Carrie Jo Tucker (real name!) has been writing since she was old enough to scribble with a crayon in her un-airconditioned Florida bedroom. Her earliest work focused on horses, unicorns and man-eating hazardous waste; she’s since expanded her subject matter to man-eating hazardous unicorns. Tucker is the author of I Love Geeks: the Official Handbook (Adams Media), and writes a bunch of stuff for various publications. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and their French bulldog Walter Cronkite, and enjoys Death Note, Deth Killers, death metal and shoes with heels high enough to potentially cause death.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER:
A wordy review of some album I can’t remember in Issue 1…or was it Issue 2? It may have been 3? Definitely one of those.
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: Sound Escapes Hawaii: “Here’s To the Silver Sea”, Issue 43, 2011…or the 2003 review of Sonic Youth’s Dirty Deluxe Edition that the label called up and yelled about.
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: “The Lonely Island: Haunted By Elvis?” Pat McGuire, Issue 43, 2011
-Favorite FILTER cover: 25 Years of the Cure, Issue 11, 2004. DUH.



Marty Sartini Garner grew up in suburban Louisiana and was into college football way before he was into records. His first-ever favorite band was 311, then it was Sublime, then it was Insane Clown Posse; he isn’t sure where he gets his critical authority, either. He has lived in L.A., Grand Rapids, Montreal, and New Orleans, but he likes Montreal best of all. He and his wife have recently moved to Chicago, where he refuses to cheer for the Bears, Bulls, or Blackhawks. He writes regularly for Aquarium Drunkard and his deeply biased sports writing has appeared on The Barnstormer and Grantland’s Triangle blog.

-First thing I ever wrote for FILTER: Review of Blitzen Trapper’s Furr (not sure of issue
number--Peter Gabriel was on the cover)
-Favorite thing I’ve written for FILTER: “Three Men, A Plan: Liars”
-Favorite FILTER article I didn’t write: this one’s more difficult, since my stack of
magazines is somewhere in a cardboard box in a storage unit somewhere in Chicago.
But I think it’s the Slayer tribute, or anything else written by the dude who wrote it (that’s terrible, isn’t it? To not remember his name?). When Pat assigned me the Randy Newman feature, his was the work I turned to to see what a great FILTER feature looked like.
-Favorite FILTER cover: The Simpsons. Duh.


Kendah El-Ali grew up in Saudi Arabia. Not interested in lying professionally as a Middle East reporter, she somehow instead ended up writing about music. Nobody is sure why, and the rest is a blur. Kendah has been writing for Filter for seven (7!) years. She lives in Brooklyn, where she alternately also works in advertising, cooks vegetables and fosters rabbits.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER:
It was seven years ago, and I'm sure it was a review. I have no idea.
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: Interviewing Kings of Convenience. I had been on a boat for five days prior and still had bad sealegs. That didn't stop one of them from asking me out on a date though.
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: Patrick Strange's first cover story (Animal Collective). He was so adorably excited about it.


A.D. Amorosi has been writing seriously since he was 5 years old when he used to transcribe tapes of his own conversations to himself that he made throughout the course of each day. That's right - he was his own first interview subject. That's fucked up. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and his greyhound.

-Favorite thing written for FILTER: Brian Eno interview, September 2010


Nevin Martell is a DC-based food writer and pop culture archaeologist whose work regularly appears in the Washington Post, Wine Enthusiast, and Plate. He is also the author of the small press smash Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip. When he’s not eating, typing, or procrastinating, Martell enjoys traveling, jogging, baking, gardening, photography and falconing (Okay, that last one is a total lie, but it would be a cool hobby. Go, Mordecai!). Find him online at or @nevinmartell.

-First thing I wrote for FILTER:
A review of Feeder's "Comfort in Sound," early 2003
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: The Final Days of Muse, mid 2006 [See photo, taken in a helicopter with Muse hovering over NYC while we all waited for a massive asteroid to strike the planet and kickstart armageddon.]
-Favorite FILTER cover: Beck, Issue 14


Born in London, Adam Pollock fled Thatcherism in the mid 70's by stowing away in a shipment of pink Vivian Westwood sex pistols t-shirts; had he stayed he would invariably be living in a squat. Landing in California he spent the 80's playing in numerous BAD punk bands before moving to New York to work at Island Records and play with local glam rockers Bender. A Filter contributor for four years he favors loud guitars over banjos, and Jack Daniels over artisanal anything. He's contemplating a quiet retirement in Mexico City.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: Review The Prodigy, Invaders Must Die, Jan 2009
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: Jam Feature May 2010
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: anything contrary by Ken Scrudato
-Favorite FILTER cover: PJ Harvey Issue 10


Jessica Jardine is from a town named for cats — Los Gatos, California — and made her first contribution to the ever-lovely FILTER Magazine with a feature about the LA-based art collective Dethkills. While she’s had way too much fun interviewing directors like David Cronenberg and Gus Van Sant over the last two years, her favorite feature she’s written for FILTER is an interview with filmmaker Richard Linklater for his most recent film “Bernie.” Good luck trying not fall absolutely in love with that delightful Southern drawl, folks. She’s green with envy over the interview with Steve Martin that Lauren Harris did for Filter 48 and as well as the cover feature for the 500th episode of “The Simpsons”. Happy birthday, FILTER! You look absolutely beautiful.


After enjoying a pleasant suburban childhood, Kyle MacKinnel embarked on a tireless quest to figure out what’s really going on. Although today he is more confused than ever, some of the best answers he’s found have been in the form of music. His favorite book is Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. In addition to writing, Kyle enjoys playing golf, reading, struggling with various musical instruments and trail running. He would especially like to thank Pat and Breanna for a wonderful experience so far. Kyle is a diehard optimist. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

-First thing I wrote for FILTER:
“Getting to Know: The Morning Benders,” Issue 30, 2008
-Favorite thing I have written for FILTER: “Replying to Silence: Scott Walker’s New Heights,” Issue 50, 2012
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn’t write/photograph: “Tattooed Youth: The Funny, Sad, Strange and Beautiful World of THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE” by Pat McGuire, Issue 22, 2006
-Favorite FILTER cover: George Harrison, Issue 45


Colin Geoffrey Stutz is a freelance journalist living in Los Angeles, California, covering the arts, politics, culture and industry. A native of Eugene, Oregon, his career started with Filter in 2006 as an editorial intern while attending the University of Southern California. Since, his writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, Nylon, the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and others. Stutz also co-owns and operates the record label Hit City U.S.A. and is a founding member of seminal punk band The Franks.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: I don't know what the first thing I wrote for Filter was... something online I'm sure. Then some reviews I can't remember. And then a Dr. Dog GTK was the first feature but I don't remember the issue... Maybe 24?
-Favorite thing you have written for FILTER: The Simpsons cover, “Yellow Reign: The Sounds of The Simpsons,” Issue 47, 2012.
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that you didn't write: Chris Martins’ “TV on the Radio Transmit Their Opus” cover, 2006
-Favorite FILTER cover: Wilco, Issue 25, 2007


Born, raised and educated in New York, Marissa R. Moss is a freelance journalist currently residing in East Nashville, Tennessee. When not writing for FILTER, she contributes to American Songwriter, Nashville Scene, NYLON and other digital and dead-tree outlets, in addition to running her own blog, FILTER was the first magazine to ever publish her music writing, and thus will always be the most rad periodical there is, as far as she is concerned.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER:
A review of Bon Iver live in Los Angeles, 2008 (for online); Getting to Know Pepper Rabbit (print, 2010)
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: F-Stop, Alex Winston
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: Conor Oberst cover profile, 2008
-Favorite FILTER cover: Charlottle Gainsbourg & Beck, 2010


Loren Auda Poin is a writer, poet, musician, beer purveyor, and tutor. He edits the chapbook imprint aorta press and is half of the musical projects Orphy and Glue, both with fellow FILTERer Kyle MacKinnel. He lives with his wife, three cats, and bibliomenagerie in New Haven, CT.

-First FILTER piece: Review of James Pants "Seven Seals" GMG 30 (2010)
-Favorite thing I wrote: "Miike Snow: Reality Bites" Good Music Guide 38 (2012)
-Favorite thing someone else wrote: "Nick Offerman: The Builder" FILTER 45 (2012)
-Favorite Cover: FILTER 45 (George Harrison)


Patrick James is a writer who rarely writes about himself in the third person, but whatever, it's a party, right? He's the managing editor of Very Short List and a regular contributor to Fast Company, and he used to be the managing editor of GOOD. If you ask him, he'll say Fugazi is the center of the musical universe, but don't ask him when he's drunk or he'll tell you why—at length. He also writes fiction and lives in Echo Park with his beautiful wife, Joanna, and bizarre little dog, Charlie.

-First thing I wrote
(not including a year and a half or so of Filter Mini stories):
Reviews in Filter 23, November 2006, Múm, The Peel Sessions; Busdriver, Roadkill Overcoat
-Favorite thing I've written: "We Dreamed a Dream," Sleepless nights with Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, David Lynch, and Dark Night of the Soul, Issue 36, June 2009
-Favorite thing someone else wrote: "The Liberation Frequency: Revisiting Refused and the New Noise," Chris Martins, Issue 22, September 2006
-Favorite Cover: Label Me Beck, Issue 14, February 2005


Jon Falcone started writing at 19, after his first visit to New York from Canterbury, UK, where he was studying. Inspired by the noise and drinking 40s, he spent the rest of University writing about Dinosaur Jr. Then he interned under Everett True at Careless Talk Costs Lives and become a reviewer for Plan B, at the same time he pestered Filter for an online column, which they unwisely gave him, until he started writing songs in The Pipettes as well and could no longer hit his deadlines. Jon now writes for Filter, Drowned In Sound, The Quietus and Big Cheese Magazine.

-My first piece for FILTER: was an interview with The Weakerthans
-My favourite pieces for FILTER: were my columns
-My favourite non-penned writing: was an awesome interview with Rilo Kiley, they were on the cover that month, I fell in love with them having not heard them before
-My favourite cover: is totally the new one with David Byrne and St Vincent, the horizontal shot, it looks like a Robert Mapplethorpe shot


Born and raised in The Empire State, Daniel Kohn stumbled around the country, oftentimes into trouble that would make Larry David blush, before ending up in lovely Southern California. When not rockin' to his favorite bands or causing trouble at his neighborhood bar, you're likely to hear him screaming at the television wondering why his beloved New York Knicks can't seem to get out of their own way.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: A review of Jakob Dylan, GMG 30
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: "Riding on the Edge: The Return of Twin Shadow" GMG 40
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: "How Did You Find Me Here? Questions Put to Merle Haggard" By Will Oldham
-Favorite FILTER cover: George Harrison, FILTER 45, 2011


Lauren Harris is a social worker and when not writing for Filter, she is documenting the lives of South Bronx residents and their respective involvement in the criminal justice system. She is also often on the 4 train, making things from scratch and remembering the time she interviewed Explosions in the Sky.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: No recollection. A review?
-Favorite thing you wrote for FILTER: Aforementioned Explosions in the Sky piece.
-Favorite thing someone else wrote for FILTER: Anything Cord Jefferson writes.
-Favorite cover: Broken Social Scene Landscape. Duh.


Clare R. Lopez trusts in coffee, storytelling and middle initials. She studied journalism and creative writing at Northwestern on Chicago’s North Shore, where she walked miles in the snow and first wrote about music for print. After graduating and returning to her native Southern California, she began contributing to FILTER in the fall of 2010. When she isn’t writing she is probably in a book, walking her dogs or playing tennis.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: A review of Thank You’s Golden Worry, Issue 42, 2010
-Favorite thing you have written for FILTER: Getting to Know: Foster the People, Issue 44, 2011
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that you didn't write: Cameron Crowe’s Endnote, Issue 46, 2011
-Favorite FILTER cover: Elvis Costello and Jenny Lewis, Issue 33, 2008


Tamara Vallejos is a 20-something Valley girl now based in drizzly Seattle, where she reps LA pride to anyone who’ll listen. By day, she works in PR and social media for one of the nation’s leading opera companies; by night, she switches focus to good ol’ fashioned rock and roll, which she’s written about for NPR, Spin and several others. She’s a proud Washington State alum (go Cougs!) and has an M.A. in Arts Journalism from Syracuse University—but everything she really needs to know, she learned from Ron Swanson.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER:
An album review in Issue 35, 2009, but I don’t have a copy up here in Seattle with me so I honestly don’t remember what it was of.
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: A review of George Michael’s “Faith” reissue, Issue 43, 2011
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: “Morrissey Rising” by Cameron Bird, Issue 34, 2009
-Favorite FILTER cover: Flight of the Conchords, Issue 30, 2008


Zachary Sniderman was born and raised in the Canadian wild. He got his chops at the rock desk of Sam the Record Man where he learned to love all music, even Nickelback. Sort of. When Zack graduated from Columbia J-School, he immediately started harassing Filter for a gig, which worked out. Zack lives in New York and misses pond hockey.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: I think it was a review of Gangrene - Gutter Water, not sure what issue.
-Favorite thing you have written for FILTER: Ty Segall Getting to Know, most likely, though K'Naan for Ragged is a close second.
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing that you didn't write: Grimes Profile/artwork feature
-Favorite FILTER cover: Where the Wild Things Are/Karen O or Beck (both 2010, I think).


Dom Sinacola grew up right outside of Detroit and is a huge proponent of the Robocop statue that never was. As a native Detroiter, he can say things about the city that you cannot. He also lived in Chicago for a long while but now calls Portland, OR his home. For the past four years he's served as Managing Editor at, but recently stepped down to found, where he is very happy writing obsessive pieces about "24" and Brad Dourif. This one time he wrote some reviews for Venus Zine; Phil Elverum also kinda insulted him once.

-First thing you wrote for FILTER: Reviews of James Blake's self-titled record and of all the reissued Books records (Issue 43 maybe?)
-Favorite thing you have written/photographed for FILTER: the yet-unpublished interview/intro piece with Jason Lytle (Issue 50)
-Favorite piece of FILTER writing/photograph that you didn't write/photograph: Tom Waits "Under the Hat" Issue 46
-Favorite FILTER cover: ALSO the Tom Waits cover from Issue 46


Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Cord Jefferson has since donated a kidney in Saudi Arabia, captained a sinking vessel off the coast of Italy and been chased out of Mexico. Throughout it all he’s done reporting and writing for the likes of National Geographic, USA Today, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, The Root, The Nation, FILTER, GIANT, Jezebel, Wonkette, Nerve, The American Prospect, The Awl and various other publications. Prior to going to Gawker Media, where is now Gawker's west coast editor, he was the senior editor at GOOD magazine. His nonfiction essays have been included in two anthologies, and his comedy writing has appeared on MTV. He lives in Los Angeles, often does pushups naked and likes to throw almonds in the air and catch them in his mouth.

-First piece I wrote for FILTER: A short profile of Jolie Holland in 2006 for her album Springtime Can Kill You.
-Favorite thing I wrote for FILTER: Bloc Party cover story.
-Favorite piece I didn't do: Chris Martins' TV on the Radio profile. Beautiful work.
-Favorite cover: Mozzer in the graveyard. Love that man.