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ENDNOTE: Natasha Leggero: Vegan in Furs

By Natasha Leggero on January 7, 2014


ENDNOTE: Natasha Leggero: Vegan in Furs

I love pressed juice and have a gluten sensitivity as much as the next person. I even find meat disgusting and subscribe to underground vegan zines—but I’m not going to lie: I love wearing fur! New fur, old fur, even fur attached to a living body! (I keep my chihuahuas at the foot of my bed to keep my feet warm during those cold California nights.) As winter approaches, I have two things on my mind: keeping warm and looking glamorous, and nothing achieves these goals like fur!

If the minks are so concerned about it, why don’t they wear synthetic fur?

Here are some pictures from my beloved collection. 


I get so many presents from men. Sometimes they are just being nice, sometimes I earn it. This rabbit fur I definitely earned!

People say wearing new fur is bad but vintage is OK. Why should I suffer because my grandmother married for love and not money?

I refuse to break up this family. They will remain together until the end of time, draped around my neck, adding glamour to a simple trip to Trader Joe’s.

Ostrich feathers. The perfect bedtime fur.

I would be lying if I said this was my only pair of mink shoes. Also, have you ever tasted mink meat? Some animals should stick with being worn!

Bleached raccoon. The cute ones are always the warmest.

This is a joke! All my furs are grass-fed.

Living, breathing slippers!

 Natasha Leggero is an actress, writer and comedian. She lives in Los Angeles in a servant-less household. You can follow her on Twitter @NatashaLeggero.


This article is from FILTER Issue 54