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COMING TO AMERICA: The Great Wilderness (Costa Rica)

By Staff on October 11, 2013


COMING TO AMERICA: The Great Wilderness (Costa Rica)

For this special Culture Collide issue of the Guide, we asked some of the artists playing our festival to share some of their American tales with us.

Welcoming our South American neighbors, Costa Rica's The Great Wilderness speak on their first SXSW, Game of Thrones and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

What was your first experience onstage in front of an American audience like?

Our first experience was at SXSW 2012, which was hectic but amazing. The audience was great and we had lots of fun. We found that American audiences are somewhat different from Costa Rican ones because if they like what you’re doing, they pay attention to the music. At home, most people tend to go out to gigs to have fun and catch up with friends, which is cool but some of them like to chat while the band is playing, which is not cool at all.

Have you ever bought anything in America that you can’t buy at home that has become part of your everyday life?

We bought some things last time we played in America; most of them can be found in Costa Rica but at much higher prices. I remember my sole goal was to find Game of Thrones: Season Two and, yes, that’s a big part of my life now. Jimena, our guitarist, got some gear for her camera and it’s been very useful for her career as a photographer. This time, we need to buy a new tuner and videogames, it’s a must.

What American stereotypes have you found to be true or false?

We always heard Americans were kind of rude to Latin rock bands, but let me tell you, that’s not true at all. Americans can be open-minded and warm-hearted. We can’t wait to see you guys again.

Were you able to see many American bands in the States while you were here? What bands from America do you like most?

We love a whole bunch of American bands like Interpol, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, The Soft Moon, The Flaming Lips, Swans, Washed Out and many more. They all influence our sound in their own ways. Last time, we saw a lot of American artists; the festival environment allows you to just walk in and out of venues to check out whatever you like. I guess the most memorable moment with an American artist was when I unexpectedly met Daniel Johnston. I’ve always admired the heart he puts in his music, he’s a sweet soul. This year we’ve arranged everything so we can go see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club live. It’s one of our favorites and I think we’ll scream like teenage girls. Trika, our drummer, is trying to go see Minus the Bear, he really likes them.

What are you looking forward to most about 
Culture Collide?

Wow. Can I just say everything? Culture Collide is the most exciting and diverse experience we’ve been invited to so far. None of us has ever been to LA, so there’s that, and I have to be honest now: I couldn’t believe everything there is to do and see after watching 2012 Culture Collide recap video. We feel honored to be part of this great thing.

Make sure to catch The Great Wilderness in the Taix Champagne room at 9:30pm Thursday October 10th and at the Taix Front Lounge at 9:00pm Friday October 11th.