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COMING TO AMERICA: Maya Vik (Norway)

By Staff on October 10, 2013


COMING TO AMERICA: Maya Vik (Norway)

For this special Culture Collide issue of the Guide, we asked some of the artists playing our festival to share some of their American tales with us.

Next, Norway's Maya Vik discusses polite audiences, her Yamaha DX7 and her fascination with funk.


Is playing in the States comparable to playing at home?

I don’t think there’s much of a difference between the American audience and the Norwegian one, actually; to my experience, they’re quite similar. But I’ve played some shows in Japan, for example—now that’s a difference you can notice: the audience is extremely polite, clapping just briefly in between songs and not talking during your set. So I think the American/Norwegian audience is about the same; it’s all about having a good time, talking to your friends while the band plays and having one too many beers [laughs].

What are some things you bought in America on tour here?

I just bought a Yamaha DX7. I guess I’ll be using that on tour here in the States. Bringing instruments into the country can be expensive, so I thought this was the perfect alibi to finally get a classic synth onboard in the live set. Other than that, maybe some crazy live outfits.

Have you found anything in America that surprised you pleasantly?

I find people in the industry and musicians to be very helpful and supportive of each other. Back home, it can sometimes feel more like a competition. I feel that’s a big difference here. Maybe that’s the naïve me talking, but that’s the way my experience has been and I love it.

What American stereotypes have you found to be true or false?

Somebody told me that in LA they’ll stab you in the back and in NY they’ll stab you in the front—I still haven’t experienced any stabbing either in the front or back, so fingers crossed that won’t happen.

What bands from America do you like most? Have you been able to see many American bands in the States?

I’m a huge Minneapolis ’80s funk fanatic, and pretty much all the R & B and hip-hop acts that I really like are from America. I still haven’t gotten the chance to see many shows here, unfortunately. I just saw Goodie Mob in Brooklyn and I saw James Brown in NYC before he died—that was sad and incredible at the same time, he was a legend. Hoping to see The-Dream or Dawn Richard sometime soon. I’ll get better at checking out more gigs this time around.

What are you looking forward to most about Culture Collide?

Colliding with other cultures! And to play!

Make sure to catch Maya Vik in the Taix Front Lounge at 9:40pm Thursday October 10th, at The Lot 1 Cafe at 8:00pm Friday October 11th, and at The Church at 6:00pm Saturday October 12th.