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COMING TO AMERICA: Chateau Marmont (France)

By Staff; Photo by Julien Mignot on October 10, 2013


COMING TO AMERICA: Chateau Marmont (France)

For this special Culture Collide issue of the Guide, we asked some of the artists playing our festival to share some of their American tales with us.

Now, France's Chateau Marmont talk about buying burgers, Arizona gun owners and their definition of drug music.


What was your first experience onstage in front of an American audience like? Was it comparable to playing at home?

It was in Chicago two years ago. Not really like a gig at home, the audience was there to watch a gig, to have some beers; in France, you go to see a specific band, and you’re less enthusiastic. And a lot of pubs have a stage in the US—it’s a country of music.

Have you ever bought anything here that you can’t buy at home?

Nothing special: shirts, records, mostly books that haven’t been traduced in French. We bought a lot of burgers, but back in France, the digestion was over.

Did you find anything in America that surprised you pleasantly?

Yes: nobody’s judging you by the way you look. We saw so many eccentric clothes and people, and it was normal. And that’s cool. This type of tolerance is priceless.

What American stereotypes have you found to be true or false?

Your taste for guns, maybe. We know it’s a part of your “history,” but for us it’s very surprising and unpleasant. Back in Phoenix, the cab driver had to put his .38 in the trunk before taking us. And the venues in the South ask to leave guns at the entrance! We’re not used to that.

What bands from America do you like most? 

The Allman Brothers, Joni Mitchell, Tom Petty, Kings of Leon, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, The Black Crowes, Steely Dan...the new MGMT sounds good. Drug music.

What are you looking forward to most about Culture Collide?

To spend a good time with cool bands, nice weather and cool vibes in the Californian lifestyle.

Make sure to catch Chateau Marmont in the Taix Champagne room at 3:30pm and Lot 1 Cafe at 10:30pm, both on Saturday October 12th.