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By Staff on October 9, 2013



For this special Culture Collide issue of the Guide, we asked some of the artists playing our festival to share some of their American tales with us.

Next in our series is UK's Alice Russell, who discusses America's rowdy crowds, her Whole Foods survival kit and favorite Stateside bands.


What was your first experience onstage in front of an American audience like?

I’ve had the pleasure of hopping over the Pond a few times now and I love it. The first thing I noticed was that you guys are definitely a lot more verbal as a crowd, heckling and urging me on to go for it. I love that and the band and I feed off that energy and give it right back.

Have you ever bought anything here that you can’t buy at home that has become part of your everyday life?

One staple: If it’s a crazy back-to-back tour with loads of promo in between dates, I have two Whole Foods essentials—kombucha for hangover cure-all and tum settler, and “throat coat” for my chops to keep them happy!

What American stereotypes have you found to be true or false?

Well, when we first come to sample your country, everything feels like the movies to us Brits. Most of us have grown up on a diet of American films, so there are all those images of the States implanted: NYC’s iconic cabs and bustle, the expanse and laidback vibe of LA… Also, you guys are a lot more open and upfront than us Brits, there is more openness to chatting to strangers and whoever you may meet; you will rarely get that on the London Tube unless people have had a few drinks. And you guys have an infectious optimism!

Have you been able to see many American bands in the States?

Often when you are on tour you don’t get the time to catch other bands. But every now and then you get a night off or play at a festival where you can go and hear other bands, there are so many from the States that I love: Rhye; Tyler, The Creator; Frank Ocean; Georgia Anne Muldrow, Fleet Foxes...too many to mention.

Make sure to catch Alice Russell at The Echo at 9:00 pm on Saturday October 12th.