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10 Years Of FILTER: Issue #8 Revisited, Getting To Know, My Morning Jacket + More (Nov 2003)

By Staff on March 21, 2012


10 Years Of FILTER: Issue #8 Revisited, Getting To Know, My Morning Jacket + More (Nov 2003)

2012 marks FILTER Magazine‘s tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue #1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue #50.

Getting To Know is a section in the magazine that serves as a good gauge for our predictions of greatness. In FILTER Issue #7, released September/October 2003, we introduced My Morning Jacket, The Rapture, The Twilight Singers, Azure Ray, The Joggers and Howie Day. Here is a brief look at those artists, then and now.

Stay tuned for Issue #8's complete "Hope Despite The Times: Michael Stipe of R.E.M.cover story to be posted later this week.

Getting To Know Recap

ISSUE 8: Nov 2003















Band: My Morning Jacket

Where They Were Then: The band was sitting pretty behind their first major label release, It Still Moves (2003), and jumpstarting the pearloid-studded Southern rock revival.

Where They Are Now: Although they have since released three highly successful albums, the band continues to evolve and perfect a sound that is far more distinct than derivative.

Band Said: “We always wanted to make [grain silo recording] a reality but never had enough cable. It was too expensive.”

FILTER Said: With the growing success of It Still Moves, MMJ are likely to get “hit in the face” with a lot more than groovy grooves, like a bunch of indie music hacks writing about their long hair, mayonnaise and Neil Young.


Band: The Rapture

Where They Were Then: The band had just released their debut full-length, Echoes, and was unknowingly spearheading a wave of hip-heavy dance-punk.

Where They Are Now: The Rapture enlisted Danger Mouse to help them produce Pieces of People We Love, and after a few personnel and label changes, the band released the Gospel-influenced In Grace of Your Love the day after Harold Camping predicted the Biblical Rapture.

FILTER Said: The Rapture has a slew of imitators and an army of legitimate compatriots. Whether or not we believe every word doesn’t matter at this point because, in a sense, the Rapture are fashionably late to their real story.

Band Said: “It’s really flattering that people are into it right now, but we really like dance music… I love it as much as rock and roll or punk and I can’t foresee myself getting tired of it.”

Band: The Twilight Singers

Where They Were Then: Greg Dulli was still recovering from the anticlimactic 2001 split of Afghan Whigs, but with the help of a few famous friends he was channeling his demons into his second full-length release, Blackberry Belle (2003).

Where They Are Now: Despite the reunion of Afghan Whigs, Dulli continues to collaborate and release new material under the Twilight Singers moniker with four full-length releases since 2003’s Blackberry Belle.

FILTER Said: With Blackberry Belle, the Twilight Singers’ second full-length, Dulli has gone back to poke around the dark corners he so expertly haunted with Gentlemen. He’s revisiting his old friends, and they’re ghosts.

Band Said: “So, to me, if I were to do just Greg Dulli, you can bet your ass that nobody else plays on it.”


Band: Azure Ray

Where They Were Then: The pair had just released their dream-textured Hold On Love (2003) on Saddle Creek Records, and although the longtime friends were happily finishing each other’s sentences, the group would disband in 2004.

Where They Are Now: Aside from a one-off show in 2008, the pair worked separately with acts such as Bright Eyes and Japancakes before reuniting in the studio to release the full-length album, Drawing Down the Moon, in 2010.

FILTER Said: Listening to Azure Ray is like being immersed in the fiction of that dark Southern dreamscape, where romance isn’t confined to nostalgia, but transmitted outwards, infecting the ambiance.

Band Said: “We actually sat down and wrote songs and really thought about them as whole things. It’s more reflective, so you were not just wallowing in this mire of depression.”


Band: The Joggers

Where They Were Then: Enjoying the buzz from their well-received debut album, Solid Guild (2003), the band was trying to perfect their syncopated rock and roll rhythms.

Where They Are Now: Despite the success of their second full-length release, With a Cape and a Cane, the group has struggled to maintain commercial relevance and has since fractioned into independent side projects.

Band Said: “[The harmonies] are trying to put space in the song, to open it up ’cause it’s really busy…which hasn’t worked, by the way. We thought it would help create more space in the song, but it’s only busier.”

FILTER Said: Soul music has call and response. Country music has the dueling banjos. The Joggers have something like that, and it happens on and off the stage, in their music and in their everyday chatter.


Band: Howie Day

Where He Was Then: Day had just released his second full-length album, Stop All the World Now (2003), and was enjoying the rigors of and exposure from his extensive tour schedule

Where He Is Now: Amidst the gold certification of Stop All the World, Day suffered several highly publicized incidents culminating with two trips to rehab in 2007. Nevertheless, Day returned to the studio and released Sound the Alarm in 2009, and recently released the Ceasefire EP through Facebook.

He Said: “Actually, one of the original album titles I had was Winter/Summer, because about half the songs were written in the winter, and they’re bleak and desolate and weird. Then there’s really happy, melodic pop songs.”

Band Said: Day has an ineffable sense of optimism, readily found in both his polite demeanor and earnest musings. He’s a guy who is eager to spread warmth.: The Rapture has a slew of imitators and an army of legitimate compatriots. Whether or not we believe every word doesn’t matter at this point because, in a sense, the Rapture are fashionably late to their real story.



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