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10 Years of FILTER: Issue #6 Revisited, Getting To Know Broken Social Scene and more (July/Aug 2003)

By Staff on February 14, 2012


10 Years of FILTER: Issue #6 Revisited, Getting To Know Broken Social Scene and more (July/Aug 2003)

2012 marks FILTER Magazine‘s tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue #1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue #50.

Getting To Know is a section in the magazine that serves as a good gauge for our predictions of greatness. In FILTER Issue #6, released May/June 2003, we introduced Broken Social Scene, Ambulance,  AM Radio, Aceyalone, The Sounds, and TV Eyes. Here is a brief look at those artists, then and now.

Stay tuned for Issue #6's complete "David Bowie: Such a Perfect Day" cover story to be posted later this week.

Getting To Know Recap

ISSUE 6: Jul/Aug 2003

Band: Broken Social Scene

Where They Were Then: A band starting to see all the hard work of their sophomore album, You Forgot it in People, paying off. Leslie Feist had also just joined their lineup.

Where They Are Now: After an incredible revolving lineup, and four critically acclaimed studio albums, Broken Social Scene has gone on an “indefinite hiatus”, but promise fans that they are not in fact breaking up.

FILTER Said: Broken Social Scene were those thrift-store clad indie kids who ditched fifth period to go home, cram themselves into a small basement and play two notes for 20 minutes. They were the punkish types with an inkling for the selfish beauty of shoe-gazing instrumentals, an appreciation of the lyric-les frontman, and one shared idea: work fucking sucks…Not since Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch has a band name been so telling.

They Said: “I don’t see us following any indie guidelines, really. I don’t have the indie rock handbook with me and I’ve never read it anyway. I know it’s wrong to turn on the television and hear your favorite song supporting toothpaste. And I know it’s wrong to go on tour with Blink 182.”


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Band: Ambulance

Where They Were Then: Ambulance (LTD added to the name for legal reasons) was right in the middle of two musical accomplishments: the release of their first EP in June, and working on their first full-length album which was released in early 2004.

Where They Are Now: After their second EP, New English, in 2006, Ambulance LTD fought a legal battle with TVT records resulting in their musical hiatus since 2008.

FILTER Said: Though they’d never admit it, they seem aware of their inevitable “It-ness.” They simply want to avoid becoming too much of a New York product and thus victims of that short cultural life span. Sure, they want the acceptance, but they’d prefer the love affair be long and lasting rather than explosive and ephemeral.

They Said: “Well, OK, but nobody believes a band when they say that they just want to play good music, so why even say it, right? But that’s really what we want.”


Band: AM Radio

Where They Were Then: Starting up a new incarnation of his musical creativity, Kevin Ridel’s AM Radio brought new life to the rock music scene through their first album Radioactive, and the support of their manager, Rivers Cuomo.

Where They Are Now: While the lineup has changed and dwindled over the years, AM Radio is still active, most recently releasing the album AM Radio in December.

FILTER Said: So the wily “Neverwill” has a guitar solo and “Stole the Show” could have been a certified leather and long hair metal tune in another era. But it all works for a pop band that just wants to rock.

Band Said: “You know, I’ve gone through the ringer so many times. But I like rolling something negative into a positive. If a chick totally trashes me, writing a song about it makes me feel better.”


Band: Aceyalone

Where They Were Then: On the tipping point between underground king and new mainstream “it” rapper of 2003, Eddie Hayes—better known as Aceyalone—was about to release his fourth solo album Love & Hate.

Where They Are Now: Aceyalone has still got his hands in every aspect of hip-hop from working on his 11th studio album, to being a major part of Project Blowed.

FILTER Said: Clearly it’s time to let go of that white-knuckled grip on Aceyalone so he can finally get down to the business of rapping on the top of cop cars, like the true superstar he should be and will be.

Band Said: “You’ve got to be somewhat thought-provoking. You have to work on your craft. You might be in the recording booth, like, ‘Oh well, that’s cool.’ Or you could take the time to do it right. When you’re writing and you forget a little writer’s block, you may put it down and say, ‘Forget it.’ But it’s just a little block you gotta go around. Honing your skills applies to everybody: basketball players, chefs, architects.”


Band: The Sounds

Where They Were Then: Spearheading the post-punk dance revival, and opening for bands like The Strokes with their hit debut album Living In America which included the anthems “Dance With Me”, and “Seven Days A Week”.

Where They Are Now: Maja Ivarsson and her band of ‘80s revivalists have been spending the last year touring the US, Mexico and Canada, in support of their fourth studio album Something to Die For. They continue the trek this winter headlining a European tour for most of 2012.

FILTER Said: Let these eye and ear catching Swedes be your sonic Delorean, taking you back to a time when your 401k wasn’t in jeopardy, you didn’t have to wear a face mask when you went to Toronto and the party truly seemed never-ending.

Band Said: “We look late ‘70s, early ‘80s. I loved that time, because everything was loud and a bit over the top. Which is OK, because everything was OK in the ‘80s.”


Photo by Piper Ferguson

Band: TV Eyes

Where They Were Then: The side project/supergroup/experiment of TV Eyes was just enjoying the high demand for their 12” vinyl single of “She’s a Study”, while thinking about a forthcoming full studio debut.

Where They Are Now: After a mixed reception of their elaborate live shows in Los Angeles, TV Eyes continues to shop their debut album around to major labels. A limited CD version was available in Japan.

FILTER Said: But their forthcoming 10-song debut is more than just a retro rehash, it’s an inspired and meticulously crafted pop record made by three musicians that are far too seasoned and gifted to get dizzied by that wavy line between homage and theft.

Band Said: “TV Eyes was always meant to be kind of an one-off side project, but as it turned out, I personally can’t make a record that I don’t invest a lot into. I really wish I could, because I’d probably be a lot healthier. So, in the studio we went a little nuts…I wanted it to be original. Hopefully it is. If it’s not, then I totally fucked up [laughs].”


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