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10 Years of FILTER: Issue #5 Revisited, Getting To Know The Raveonettes and more (May/June 2003)

By Staff on February 7, 2012


10 Years of FILTER: Issue #5 Revisited, Getting To Know The Raveonettes and more (May/June 2003)

2012 marks FILTER Magazine‘s tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue #1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue #50.

Getting To Know is a section in the magazine that serves as a good gauge for our predictions of greatness. In FILTER Issue #5, released May/June 2003, we introduced The Ravonettes, Elefant, Verbana, Longwave, Cave In, and Paloalto. Here is a brief look at those artists, then and now.

Stay tuned for Issue #5's complete "Blur: Surviving Soomsday, a True Story" cover story to be posted later this week.


Getting to Know Recap

ISSUE 5:  May/Jun 2003

Photo Courtesy of Cave In

Band: Cave In
Where They Were Then: Gaining critical acclaim and mainstream attention by moving away from their heavy metal roots with the release of their third studio album Antenna.
Where They Are Now: After a three year hiatus, the reformed lineup of Cave In released their fifth full length album, White Silence, in May of 2011.
FILTER Said: Cave In are ready to up the standards of mainstream rock with their multi-layered compositions and intricate harmonies, while still delivering fun, loud rock shows.
They Said: “I’m not gonna say we grew out of metal because we certainly haven’t. I mean, I still love heavy music, but this feels more our niche.”


Band: The Raveonettes
Where They Were Then: About to release their first full-length album Chain Gang of Love, while broadening their musical sound beyond their “under three minute” rules.
Where They Are Now: The Raveonettes have been incredibly busy touring their latest studio album Raven in the Grave (2011), and releasing a newly packaged B-sides and rarities collection.
FILTER Said: Something else that distinguishes this brave duo from the denizens is a four-part Code of Conduct they instituted for Whip It On. The Songs all consist of three chords in B-flat minor, contain no high-hat or ride cymbals and are under three minutes apiece.
Band Said: “It’s a challenge to have all the songs stick out and have personalities when they’re all in the same key.”


Photo by Mayumi Nashida

Band: Longwave
Where They Were Then: Following the New York buzz and hype of their debut EP, Endsongs (2000), through to the release of their sophomore album The Strangest Things, Longwave was making a name for themselves in Europe and with heavy hitter bands such as The Vines, and The Strokes.
Where They Are Now: After a series of three EPs and another full-length album, Longwave changed labels and most recently released Secrets Are Sinister in 2008.
FILTER Said: Longwave’s music manages to be both grand and intimate all at once. And despite the fact they have emerged from a scene hyped to the hilt, they have also somehow managed to maintain a unique and separate identity.
Band Said: “Maybe it was naïve of us, but I think we thought they would take the record as it is, rather than placing us in this particular New York scene. I guess what we hope is, despite that, people can eventually relate to the album on its own and find something in it that they enjoy.”


Photo Courtesy of Paloalto

Band: Paloalto
Where They Were Then: Exploring the world of mid-level success with the release of their second album Heroes & Villains produced by Rick Rubin.
Where They Are Now: While the band is still technically active, Paloalto has not released a new album since Heroes & Villains. Grundler and Black are now part of a new band project: Golden State.
FILTER Said: Paloalto is a nice band that you might be able to share with your dad if they ever make it to an arena. And they want to make it to an arena.
Band Said: “Music was never supposed to be viewed as such a commercialized thing, although it can be commercial and there is success involved and that’s great, but I think people need to really realize what music should have to offer. It should offer you something with a little more depth to it. That’s my opinion anyway.”


Band: Elefant
Where They Were Then: Elefant was a confident foursome constantly being praised and loved for their explosive debut album Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid.
Where They Are Now: Broken up. Elefant only released two full-length studio albums before their quiet 2010 departure from the music scene: Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, and The Black Magic Show (2006).
FILTER Said: The music which I’ve been hearing on record for days now, ignites and glows and warms and is suddenly bigger, richer. Elefant have been “good” from the get-go, but tonight, even I have to admit, they are very near something like “great.”
Band Said: “It would have been really easy for us to make a raw record, but we tried to do something that would get people dancing again. We wanted to test ourselves. I’m glad we’re doing more dance than rock. That’s more where I am, at least. Stupid dance beats, sweet songs.”

Photo Courtesy of Verbana

Band: Verbena
Where They Were Then: A no frills southern rock and roll band who just released their third album, La Musica Negra.
Where They Are Now: Verbena broke up after an extensive tour in support of La Musica Negra.
FILTER Said: It is unapologetic rock music made by Southern Americans armed only with guitar, bass and drums. Sounds horribly dull, until you remember that no one is doing very well with that kind of simplicity anymore. Supposed reinvention of things past, instead of a simple remembrance of things past, is sort of a lost art.
Band Said: “All you can really do is reflect your times, or what you’re going through. You’re not supposed to take your cues from every magazine or every little thing that’s going on. Just tell stories and deal.”


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