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10 Years of FILTER: Issue #4 Revisited, Getting To Know 2 Many DJs, The Coral and more (March 2003)

By Staff on January 31, 2012


10 Years of FILTER: Issue #4 Revisited, Getting To Know 2 Many DJs, The Coral and more (March 2003)

2012 marks FILTER Magazine‘s tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue #1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue #50.

Getting To Know is a section in the magazine that serves as a good gauge for our predictions of greatness. In FILTER Issue #4, released February/March 2003, we introduced 2 Many DJs, The Datsuns, The Microphones, Turin Brakes, Muggs, and The Coral. Here is a brief look at those artists, then and now.

Stay tuned for Issue #4's complete "Art Imitating Life Imitating...The Dandy Warhols" cover story to be posted later this week.


Getting to Know Recap

ISSUE 4: February/March 2003

Photo Courtesy of Deltasonic Records

Band: The Coral
Where They Were Then: Dazzling the U.S. with good pop songs consisting of a range of psychedelic, reggae and soul influences.
FILTER Said: Rather than reflecting rap's distinct ghetto culture or musical recycling, the Coral have forged a new sound that embodies the underlying credo behind the rap game: listen, sample, and create.
Band Said: The Coral are a musical contradiction, or 20 bands in one.
Where They Are Now:  The band toured abroad over the summer of 2011, hitting up Glastonbury Festival.


Band: 2 Many DJs
Where They Were Then:  As two bootleg-DJs from Belguim, 2 Many DJs (Stephen and David Dewaele, members of Soulwax) were having fun mashing-up all sorts of genres for eclectic variations. Soulwax and 2 Many DJs were questioned on each artist's success and future.
FILTER Said: Two journalists are attempting to conduct an interview with two rock-musicians-turned-bootleg-DJs from Belgium who have become nothing less than a force of nature in Europe for their creative (and fully-licensed) mash-ups of Salt-n-Pepa with the Stooges, Dolly Parton Röyksopp, and Barement Jaxx with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.
Band Said: "I think a lot of kids are fed up with with the whole music industry culture. The fact that they have to pay too much money for a CD. They can burn it. I mean, what the fuck are they giving these kids? Honestly. Just put on MTV. Remember when we were kids, you would always be that one band you were looking out for? They were giving you something. Weezer or something. And now, they're not giving them anything.
Where They Are Now: Currently keeping it all alive with the renewed interest and strong electronic following. They're also very active on their social media properties, and have been hitting up Barcelona, Rennes, Madrid, Lausanne and other European cities for DJ sets.


Photo by Rickard Eriksson

Band: The Datsuns
Where They Were Then: The Datsuns had just released their debut self-titled album, receiving praise from many indie critics and tastemakers.
FILTER Said: In seven short years, the Datsuns have graduated from tireless clubbing and self-financed indie release and gone out into the world to blow your jaded ass away.
Band Said: Rock and roll didn't need to come back, it's just as alive as ever. It's just that people need rock and roll right now for some reason.
Where They Are Now: As of January 24, 2012, the band has announced they're recording a new album (their fifth) out at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand.


Photo by Wheat Wurtzburger

Band: The Microphones
Where They Were Then: The year was 2003, and Phil Elvrum's Mount Eerie had just been released. Elvrum saught geographical solitude in an Arctic cabin.
FILTER Said: His special attention to the 'experience' of sound is evident on any Microphones record. You just need headphones. 
Phil Elvrum Said: I would hate to be something that was easy to ignore, or something that you've seen a million times.
Where They Are Now: Phil Elvrum is continuing his work with The Microphones. K Records will be releasing the “Distorted Cymbals” Dub Narcotic Disco Plate in February 2012.


Photo Courtesy of Turin Brakes

Band: Turin Brakes
Where They Were Then: Coming off the second full-length effort, Britain's Turin Brakes were reaching great strides with their familiar sound. 
FILTER Said: Ether Song (Source/Astralwerks) expands vastly on the minimalist "quiest-core" elegies of their previous The Optimist LP, making a case for Turin Brakes as the best British band around that sounds strangely like Southern California circa 1978.
Band Said: There's an inherent risk with the way we work. Somewhere along the line, we're gonna fuck up.
Where They Are Now: The band has recently wrapped up the Optimist Tour, revisiting the album released 10 years ago.


Photo by Estevan Oriol

Band: Muggs
Where They Were Then: Long-time Cypress Hill producer Muggs distinguished himself amongst his peers with his down-tempo rock solo record.
FILTER Said: What is surprising is that it's a beautifully-arranged ethereal, downright vulnerable down-tempo tock album that suonds pretty.
Band Said: People have got to give hip-hop kids a little more credit. Their musical vocabulary goes beyond just beats and sampling and shit like that.
Where They Are Now:  Muggs helped produce half of Cypress Hill's 2010 release, after his solo album Smoke N Mirrors released the year prior.


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