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10 Years of FILTER: Issue #16 Revisited, Getting to Know, Sufjan Stevens + More (Summer 2005)

By Staff on June 19, 2012


10 Years of FILTER: Issue #16 Revisited, Getting to Know, Sufjan Stevens + More (Summer 2005)

2012 marks FILTER Magazine's tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue #1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue #50.

Getting To Know is a section in the magazine that serves as a good gauge for our predictions of greatness. In FILTER ISSUE #16, released Summer 2005, we introduced The Redwalls, Sufjan Stevens, Lemon Jelly, Stars, The Sun and Youth Group. Here is a brief look at those artists, then and now.

Stay tuned for Issue #16's complete "Planet Coldplay" cover story to be posted later this week.

Getting To Know Recap

ISSUE 16: Summer 2005

Photo By Denny Renshaw

Band: Sufjan Stevens

Where They Were Then: Stevens was right in the midst of his seemingly forgotten “50 states project,” having just released Come On Feel the Illinoise. Illinoise shot Sufjan Stevens into the top of the charts and was widely considered the best reviewed album of 2005.

Where They Are Now: Since his breakthrough success with Illinoise, Stevens has released four full length albums and one EP, most recently in 2010. His music has been featured in several films (Little Miss Sunshine) and has contributed to many tribute albums putting his whimsical flourish onto classics such as “Ring Them Bells” and “What Goes On.” Stevens is currently touring Europe with Bryce Dessner and Nico Muhly in a musical “song-cycle loosely based on the planets.”

FILTER Said: What happened to just playing guitar? Look at Sufjan Stevens, for instance. Dude studied the oboe. And from there he sat in his Michigan college dorm room and taught himself a whole gaggle of nerdy instruments. Like, what normal 18-year-old learns the banjo for fun? What happened to marijuana?

They Said: “It’s sort of making fun of itself in a way. And part of that is because I think sometimes I take myself too seriously, and I’m worried that my listeners and fans take themselves too seriously, so I’m trying to infuse a bit of humor and relief.”

Band: The Redwalls

Where They Were Then: The ’60s-loving, four-man ensemble from Illinois was at the height of their fame and creativity in the summer of 2005. After hearing the demos from their first album Universal Blues, Noel Gallagher chose them to open for Oasis on their upcoming tour. The Redwalls were also about to release their sophomore album De Nova on Capitol Records.

Where They Are Now: One by one the members of The Redwalls began to leave the band in order to pursue other musical endeavors. All that remains of the original band are Justin and Logan Baren, the retro-loving brothers who started it all. Their last album released was 2007’s The Redwalls

FILTER Said: It’s one thing to have an eye on the past (seems to be the prevailing theme these days) and quite another to want to take the future and paint it red.

They Said: “Most kids weren’t into it for the same reasons—they either wanted to know you’re going to make it big or they want to go to college.”

Band: Lemon Jelly

Where They Were Then: The London based duo of Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin were just about to release their third album on XL: ’64-‘95. Lemon Jelly was known for their incredible sample work and unusual live shows.

Where They Are Now: Lemon Jelly is on an indefinite hiatus. Their website says “Not dead, but sleeping.”

FILTER Said: Lemon Jelly’s music is a great mess of borrowed bites and self-sampled bits, arranged and rearranged into a gloriously smooth and shiny ball that bounces along at the precise beat of a summer-stroll headbob.

They Said: “We like to do things and make them as special and exciting and interesting as possible because we’re very aware, now, that things come and go. None of this can be around forever and it’s really up to us to make most of each opportunity.”

Band: The Sun

Where They Were Then: Ohio natives The Sun were just about to release their first full length album Blame It On the Youth, which was not a regular CD; it was the first and only DVD album with music videos for each track.

Where They Are Now: While their website is defunct and their MySpace never seems to be updated, it seems that The Sun is still kicking! In 2009 they released Don’t Let Your Baby Have All the Fun, which can be found on their MySpace, but there isn’t much more from the boys yet.

FILTER Said: It’s like those Atomic Fireball candies we ate as kids. The closer you got to the middle, the sweeter it got. Those with weaker taste buds would get only half way through before spitting it out, but those that accepted the dare puckered their lips and enjoyed the ride.

They Said: “We hope that people pick up that record and realize they’ve got something that doesn’t sound like anything else.”

Photo by Benjamin Hoste

Band: Youth Group

Where They Were Then: The Aussie quartet had just had their first full length release in the US. Skeleton Jar brought focus to the band (which featured The Vines’ Patrick Matthews) as well as a name in the States.

Where They Are Now: After two releases following Skeleton Jar (Casino Twilight Dogs and The Night is Ours), Youth Group announced that they were on an indefinite hiatus since 2009. Each of the members of Youth Group have spawned their own side projects in the meantime.

FILTER Said: Consider Youth Group, a lush, melancholic rock band being touted as the next big thing from Down Under, yet Martin spends his days toiling under fluorescent lights.

They Said: “This record definitely felt like a really big step for us. It feels very different—it’s really us finding out who we are.”